Guatemalan mom temporarily reunites with kids

welcome back to formal Primetime as you know we’ve been following the story of Yeti of Guatemalan mother separated from her three kids at the border we’ve had for the lawyer on a couple of times to explain the case because it’s so representative of wood so many dealing with today we have good news to report after 45 days Jenny got to see her kids and she says they’re okay they all collapsed on the floor when they saw each other hugging and crying their young and they weren’t sure if they were going to see their mother anytime soon and that is a good moment but I can’t tell you that this is a happy ending so here the story from Jenny Gonzalez herself and her attorney Jose or Shana so let’s get a sense this must be so hard for you today so the most obvious question is how are your kids doing Como estan sucios how are they thank God today sobre LOL so tell me about the teddy bear Migo since he 5 tier and so he wanted his mother to sleep with it tonight and huggett until they’re finally all reunited or you cual es la parte Mas dificil what is the hardest part in for you though dripping from my arms it didn’t even give me the opportunity to say goodbye this when’s the next time you can see them the problem of this one though anime hero next Thursday is it Thursday only because tomorrow is 4th of July and the Cayuga centers close these children do go to a foster home here in the city so today she gets to see the kids have they given promise of regularity that you’ll be able to see them thankfully several elected officials the governor has been involved representative Congressman has been involved and so many people have been pulling for us pulling the strings for us getting us the access and thankfully Cayuga has said that they will allow mom regular access to the children throughout the week now she’s making an asylum case how so Mom faced gang violence at home gang violence which she herself was a victim of gang violence of which her son was being recruited her son is 11 years old 7 years old still sleep with a teddy bear 11 year old kid is being recruited by gang members that is not a situation in which a 11 year old should be in I love you all to be worried about his math and science homework instead he’s facing gang violence gang recruitment he goes to school that’s not what Mom wants and that’s why she came here to United States she doesn’t have anybody to petition for her if that’s what you mean by the legal way but she did the Port of Entry are but it that’s not a viable situation for many immigrants coming to the United States what does she want the audience to know this year I want to see the women who are in Illinois section 400 aama condo maybe Naomi I was saying goodbye to them some of them are sad some of them were he that I was leaving stories about everything that’s happened to us I know this is going to be alone the promise that we made to you from the show remains which is it is our job to report on the situation and what happens every step of the way we want to know good news at these 12 mothers who have now signed up with us will be released as soon as possible it’s okay it’s the job well thank you
After 45 days separated from her three children at the border, Yeni Gonzalez, a Guatemalan mother, was reunited with her kids. Her children will remain in the US foster care system until they can be legally reunited.

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