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so here’s how you do it you take the tomatillos and you take the husks off and then you just throw them in the skillet you don’t do anything to him just take us softer on the skillet boom TV have your kids then take 3 cloves of garlic do not peel them just take three cloves of garlic boom boom boom throw them right in the skillet then you’re going to take an onion a small onion and then cut it in half and throw the onion then take a jalapeno cut it in half and take the seeds out in jalapeno the seeds is where the heat really is so I like to take the seeds out so that my just don’t like set their mouth on fire little bit of oil salt and pepper and you’re done alright I’m taking it to the grill the grill is acting as my oven today because how to turn on the oven inside it’s too hot while it’s cooking I’m just juicing up a couple of limes and throwing it in the blender to give the salsa that is Civic top that’s also really needs all right it’s been about 15 minutes hello oh my gosh it smells amazing alright we’re ready we’re going to put them into the blender those three are they are the three garlic cloves take the peel off when your blending this salsa is not over blend it do it on low only until it’s Blended because the season 2 tomatillos if it gets crushed too much will turn to jelly when you make the salsa in the oven it turns bright green you make it in the grill it turns this to wishes toasty dark green color and it takes on a grilled flavor that only cooking outside can give it to me to your salsa on the grill timer
Tomatillo salsa is a surprising summer grilling star, an easy and delicious appetizer you’ll make all season long. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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