Grenfell: Firefighter’s desperate bid to save trapped 12-year-old – Daily Mail

so you thought you just said that you feel the fire what is on the 4th 5th and 6th floors did you have any thoughts about why it would be necessary to evacuate somebody so many floors high up in the building Alex sister tell me what the day goes older sister tell you about why it’s necessary to fetch the little girl from the 20th floor cuz she was on the phone and that was obviously a fire and it’s all did you have any thoughts about how full that difficult stay put might have been the best advice or will know the best advice to you have any thoughts one way or the other about that cowabunga and I’m not going to show you have a picture of you getting into the lift I think 12739 but I’m too exhausted to take you from me that that is if I took off and if you want the TV I was just typing in the CCTV bungalow 50103 that is a photograph of what we believe to be you into the best at about that time can you defer to you to think and you say no statements that the lips you haven’t got into it stopped at the 15th floor the right that’s correct what will happen next the doors open and black smoke filled the left leg feel the lift and what did you what did you make it back what do you think about that I’m in trouble because I’m in trouble here what did you do immediately after having had that thought try to find a way out so what did you do Panda outfits to wear for the doors to the lobby to this time I’ll write so you go down to the list could you could you open could you know I’m scared to say exploring that was there an option to extend shuttle if to get back down again in the lift in the last
David Badillo, part of the North Kensington crew which arrived first at the inferno last June, promised the sister of Jessica Urbano Ramirez (right) he would attempt to rescue her from the 20th floor. He is pictured, left, on the night of the fire and, inset, at the inquiry) The 20-year veteran of the London Fire Brigade undertook a mission to rescue the 12-year-old, but never found her. He described returning to ‘organised chaos’ around the ground floor of Grenfell Tower as the fire intensified.

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