Gorka slams liberal media’s conspiracy theories

destroy Trump left-wing media attacking the president now they are stooping to really insane conspiracy theories leverage over Donald Trump Russian intelligence asset and he’s Faded by the Russians and mentors Moscow in any comes back then he starts running for president for the first time and then he starts talking for the first time a bunch of freeloaders and we should kick him to the curb so we can really dovetails with Russian foreign policy for then and now again that’s probably a coincidence bizarre conspiracy theories even extend the Trump’s Supreme Court nomination again back to yes NBC News Tom Brokaw you proud reporter had to delete this tweet claiming the president and Justice Kennedy had conspired to Seoul judge Frank Cavanaugh but today he basically was telling Germany don’t rely on Russia which if they didn’t would tank Putin’s economy in a year I can play that game too so we’ll people you showed all the staff members at the New York Post Washington New York Times and Washington Post CNN MSNBC might be true I don’t have any evidence this is journalism today that like cornered rabid rats they’ve been selling a slice for so many years but now they can’t go any further accepted to double down because if they did anything else you have done including Russia as working as a CIA operative I don’t even know what to say about this is basically everything they say and just can’t trust any of it anymore it’s all General driven it started with John Brennan who did a great disservice to the National debate on National Security by openly speculating without evidence that gladimir Putin could blackmail the president later retracted his speculation but the damage was done and Brennan should have known really that he speculated in their own Peril and if he had something to say could have gone to the special counsel but he really frame the debate and that’s what’s great about greatest I’m concern to me was just his absolutely unprofessional and very partisan Behavior it’s even actually people like Tim Russert this is not NBC News anymore dr. Gorka this is a whole new entity which is basically can you window conspiracy theories outright lies fake news and an agenda to destroy the president my eyes haven’t been going on for 2 years 3 years let’s do what they do so let’s take Daniels really important point so Brandon isn’t Joe six-pack he’s the former director of the CIA he leaves government service still has his clearance is I don’t know why he hasn’t been stripped of his clearances goes on Vapor present by the CIA let me let me play the game me to Jean is John Brennan getting paid by Putin to spin this I don’t have any evidence short but it could be that’s what the president was saying in Germany is don’t rely on Putin and be so dependent on him considering we’re spending all this money to possibly deal with a hostel and if in fact Germany listen their economies done cuz that is their economy so the president doesn’t seem to be too bold in the bladimir Putin tonight steer you wrong and I think it’s important for viewers to parse out those fax talking about Sean that’s what matters
Media float theory about Trump being a Russian asset since 1987; reaction from Sebastian Gorka and Daniel Hoffman on ‘Hannity.’

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