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and thanks for joining us our so they were trained spies they were highly trained in terms of Espionage but also in terms of language and accent and mannerisms they were supposed to be able to blend right and sometime in the 1980s they arrived in Canada now there was a couple that had false identities that false identities that have been stolen from real Canadians apparently there have been little boy in the Montreal area in 1960s whose name I’ve been Donald heathfield and sometime in the 1960s that little child had to had died in infancy third also been a little girl named Tracy Leanne fully who had also died in Montreal area in the 1960s in childhood in the 1980s these two Russian adults these two spies stole those identities from those deceased kids from the 1960s and under those they started a fake life in Toronto the couple lived in Toronto through the 80s and into the 90s in the 90s as Donald heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley songs for Sons were born four years apart after their sons were born in Canada in the 90s the family moves sometime in the mid-to-late 90s to France where the father Donald heathfield went to grad school fluent in French as well as English as was his wife the family apparently spoke both French and English at home with their boys they didn’t speak Russian at home with their boys even though they were from Russia and where Native Russian speakers their son currently had no idea that their parents were Russian at all when the story of their very unusual family was ultimately told the boys would ultimately say they had no inkling that their parents were Russian that they have never heard their parents speak Russian and never heard their parents speak about Russia they certainly had no idea that their parents were Russian spies although their their spy life started in Canada though ultimately the goal of the Spy operation the reason they were deployed by Rush in the first place was not to spy on Canada but instead to spy ultimately on the United States all that time in Canada was like training wheels for Donald heathfield and Tracey Lee in Foley hold up their skills and blending in in the west build up their their plausible background as a worldly but normal Canadian family and after Donald heathfield stint at grad school in France in the late 90s go to grad school then they finally did it they move to the United States and Donald heathfield enrolled in another prestigious grad school program he enrolled at the Kennedy School of government at Harvard and look we’ve got a terrible photo of Donald heathfield at his Harvard graduation from the Kennedy School in the year 2000 the reason that we have this not great photo this granny photo taken from very far away of him at that graduation in the year 2000 is because this photo was taken by the FBI the FBI apparently knew as soon as Donald heathfield and his purportedly Canadian family got to the United States the FBI apparently new but they weren’t Canadiens at all they were in fact Russian spies living under Deep Cover Thomas heathfield and Tracy Lynn Foley had been living for two decades in Canada and then in Europe before they ever set foot in the United States to start spying for Russia here we now know that the FBI was under them as far as as soon as they got here this is the FBI photo of graduation in 2000 they’re also FBI photos of his wife Tracy Leon Foley at that graduation as well ultimately a decade later the Federal indictment against we would get tons of detail on what the Spy couple was assigned to do here in the US by their handlers in Russia we learn the goals of why they were sent we learn their specific assignments we learned how well they did it carrying out those specific assignment for Moscow we learn how they communicated with their handlers back home in Moscow we learned their codes there spy technology we got all of it in the indictment this is from the indictments in 2010 about the 1990s up to and including the present the defendants and others known and unknown unlawfully willfully and knowingly woodend did act in the United States as agents of a foreign government specifically the Russian Federation notification to the attorney general as required by law of the United States intelligence organ of the Russian Federation the svr the targets of the FBI’s investigation include who assume false identities and were living in the US on long-term Deep Cover assignments these Russian secret agents work to hide all connections between themselves and Russia even as they act at the direction and under the control of the svr a secret agents are typically called illegals the FBI’s investigation has revealed that a network of illegals is now living an operating in the US in the service of one primary long-term goal to become sufficiently Americanized such that they gather information about the u.s. for Russia and can successfully recruit sources who are in or are able to infiltrate US policy making circles Mayfield and Tracy Lee in Foley were called the Boston conspirators that says in the indictment quote the Boston conspirators have received info tasks directives with respect to focus on obtaining including US foreign policy for example a Boston conspirators internet message from in or about April 2006 set forth the info task for May and June which is that they shouldn’t gather information regarding US policy regard to the use of the Internet by terrorists US policies and Central Asia problems with US military policy and the Western estimation of Russian foreign policy conspirators electronic message Southcenter from inner about May 2006 focused on turn over at the head of the CIA and the 2008 US Presidential election so the FBI indictment in 2010 we got all this very specific quoted information about what these spies have been told by Moscow to do here and what they told moscot what they infect carried out here under my Scouts orders we also learn all this stuff about their secret communication this is from the indictment to further the aims of the conspiracy Moscow Center has a range for the defendants clandestinely to communicate with the Russian Federation in particular the conspirators have used the secret communication methods described below radio grams and steganography it has nothing to do with Dinosaurs thing according to the FBI data in an image uses steganographic software that is not commercially available the software package permits the spr to clandestinely insert encrypted data in images that are posted on publicly-available websites without them data being this the encrypted data cannot be removed from the image and decrypted also using software provided by the spr similarly SBR software can be used to encrypt data and then to clandestinely and bed that data in images on publicly mobile web sites later released this photo of online images of flowers to show some of the actual online images that the Russian illegals used to pass messages back and forth with Moscow Center messages encrypted an individual pixels in these images of flowers crazy right observed and forensic Lee copied a set of computer disk for protecting this contained a steganography program employed by the spr and by the illegals so they’re using the super spy movie technique dropping encrypted messages for their handlers back in Moscow the messages are inside the pixels of pictures of flowers online and they use this Spy software the messages can be read information back and forth to Moscow and we know all of this because the FBI is onto it the FBI knows what they are doing and watch them do it for years and look at that timeline that house search of the Boston townhouse for the FBI grabbed an image the disks with the steganography code stuff on it that was graduation ceremony that year the FBI was watching him and surveilling them and collecting Intel on their operations for that whole 6 year. The FBI 3rd 2004 law enforcement agents intercepted oral Communications taking place inside the Boston townhouse Tracy Leanne fully was hard saying to Donald heathfield dependent quote can we attach to any messages or not let’s say 4 pictures they’re talking about this steganography code right there talking about transmitting secret messages home to Moscow Center using the picture encryption trick with a Russian software password protected discs apparently had no idea they shouldn’t talk out loud about that in their house because the FBI in their house then no clue how much the FBI was on to them and the FBI was apparently on to them for years down to the smallest detail completely unbeknownst to these train spies the FBI was on to them for the entire time that they were in the United States 2000 the FBI is there at his graduation January 23rd 2001 the FBI gets into a safe deposit box that he filled in Foley and opened up in Cambridge Mass a series of photographic negatives the negatives appear to be of Tracy Leanne fully when she was in her twenties on all of the negatives of the younger Folly save one the name of the company that produced the film on which the negative printed had been excised meaning of been cut off the negative shape but on one- quote the name of the film company remained visible they missed one FBI later published pictures of these negative that they photographed inside the safety deposit box and you can see I’m not see where the red arrow is on just one of the negatives there’s this blurry little tiny reference absolutely nothing but if that is what looks like talking about but it’s actually in Cyrillic if it’s in the alphabet in which the Russian language is written than the sea and is actually what we would think of as an s Glory Mark that looks to us like tackma in English and therefore means nothing in Cyrillic it’s tasma and tasma is in fact a manufacturer of Russian Film which means those negatives printed on Russian Film which means I think and that is probably why they cut that identifying Cosmo reference almost all but one how to cut the reference off of one of the negative and with that one reference still there the FBI caught it and here’s the best part of that safe deposit box found that January 2001 they photographed it they took that evidence photographic they put all the negatives back put everything back as it was and they left left the safe deposit box there and then they just kept surveilling heathfield in Foley for years a full decade later in 2010 the FBI apparently had reason to go back into that same safe deposit box again and those negatives including the incriminating one with the Cyrillic script on it the negatives are all still there a decade later because he filled in Foley had no idea that there safe deposit box have been spied on by the FBI for a decade they had no idea the FBI had been on to them for 10 years for all of those years going through their safe deposit box photograph in our house on inside their house on multiple occasions and photograph their notes and letters in fact had photographed this page from this notebook from Donald heathfield which apparently includes his handwritten note login to that software that allowed him to encrypt his messages in online pictures they had the picture of the password code the FBI was not up in their business for that many years in these train spies had no clue the time of their indictment in 2010 the FBI not only had detailed descriptions of their tradecraft and verbatim instructions that they’ve received from Moscow not only that they have all the details of the means by which they communicated with their handlers they also formation critically including the names of all the people who Donald heathfield had approached in the United States as part of his fine for Moscow he was supposedly a guy with a Harvard degree and good language skills he was working at a consultancy in Cambridge but he was using that as cover to spy for Russia and it turns out he wasn’t just reporting back publicly available information like there’s a new CIA director and there’s a big election underway he was getting information out of individuals is reporting back to Moscow individuals like a person who had worked in Congress as a legislative counsel and economics professor who had Live contacts in Congress and Washington policymakers pretty official the FBI knows who that was they didn’t put their name in the indictment but they watch that contact happen and they watched it reported at the Chain by the Spy he filled also appears to have made contact with government research facility quote had conversations with him about research programs on small yield High penetration nuclear warheads authorized by US Congress nuclear bunker Buster Warheads not comforting that an active Russian spy was making contact with and communicating with us officials who are actively involved in nuclear weapons research in the United States right that’s that’s alarming alarming when you learn that the FBI was watching them do it every step of the way for years all the spies had no idea the FBI was on them this is the counterintelligence part of the FBI that work their job is to foreign intelligence operations inside the United States in the field and Tracy Leanne fully case you see that work on folding completely undetected with this incredible level of intrusive surveillance on this decade when is supposed to be incredibly hard to do without being found out right now so unbelievably cinematic this case of the Russian illegals Miss spy ring which was uncovered in 2010 it really is what led to the TV series The Americans in real life in this case there was a side plot to Donald heathfield in Tracy Leanne fully specifically because their sons who have been born in Toronto in the 90s those Sons apparently had no idea before their parents were arrested in 2010 that their parents have been spies Canadian government Canadian citizenship back we’ve never been there so please can we be Canadiens again this is the kind of stuff that for obvious reasons ends up making good movies and good TV series but those movies this is why governments steal information from each other and sabotaged this potentially is a way that governments can fall if you can use clandestine operations like this to get people loyal to a different government into position power in your targeted country you can essentially bring down that country’s government right they reach their highest objectives website about inspiring operation ghost stories use the identities of dead people to start building their Legends in North America the FBI says quote these but they were not idle and transmit it back to Russia they were actively engaged in what is known in the Spy business as spotting and assessing they identified College friends and others who might be vulnerable Target they were trying to co-opt people they encounter than the academic environment my 1-day hold positions of power and influence the most famous example of this type that took place in Great Britain in the 1930s when Soviet intelligence Talent spotters were able to recruit Cambridge University student who would later rise to power in the British government and becomes operatives during World War II and into the 1950s what we believe the spr illegals operating in this country May well have hope to do the same thing here the spr was in it for the long haul the illegals were content to wait decades to obtain their objective counter telligence division of the FBI pulled the plug on these Russian illegals including Donald heathfield and Tracy Leanne fully in 2010 under that indictment that was unsealed in 2010 all in one day all across the country they and all the other illegals were all arrested in and then sent home and a big highly-publicized spy swap the lead case agent for Donald heathfield and Tracy Leanne Foley FBI agent who led the FBI operation that monitor those two Russian spies four years all the surveillance that these train spies were unable to detect all the intelligence house and photographing their notes and all the rest of it that lead agent who ran that Intrepid FBI operation against Donald he filled in Tracy Leon fully was an FBI agent named Peter struck being lead agent on heathfield in Foley was just one of the high-profile high-stakes Espionage cases that Peter strzok has worked on or let at the FBI for his work on that one we also work on other Russian spy rings in the US in in Chinese firings in the United States over more than 20 years of the FBI Heroes to become the senior agent on all Espionage cases at the Washington field office at the FBI ultimately heroes from there to become the head of the Counter Intelligence search for the whole FBI involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton using a personal email address when she was Secretary of State in that capacity as head of counterintelligence division also signed at the very earliest stages to the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and Russian interest in the Donald Trump presidential campaign governments started coming across information and intelligence intercepts about unexplained Russian involvement in and support for Trump’s presidential campaign those foreign intelligence agencies and governments notified the CIA CIA Air Force doesn’t do work to counter for intelligence operations inside the United States that’s the job of the FBI that’s the job that FBI agent Peter struck was in charge of for the FBI FBI started an investigation into that matter in the summer of 2016 that made Peter strzok was in charge of that because of his career he was very well-placed to do that work right intimately intimately familiar with Russian intelligence operations and Russian intelligence inside the United States in his role as head of the Counter Intelligence Division of the FBI he was literally the only person in the entire US government in charge of stopping Russian operations inside the United States and an awards and indictments and dramatic International Spy swaps to show for it that work also apparently gave him some feelings about Russia and we know something about how he felt about Russia and its government and its intelligence operations in part is reporter is another public of inexplicably been given access to personal text text that he wrote to a woman at the FBI with him he was having an affair let’s just starting up the summer of 2016 Peter strzok was working on that investigation he exchanged texts with Lisa Page at the FBI apparently of those texts from Peter strzok I’m not going to swear when I read that text but I want you to know that I’m going to make an obvious illusion to a swear word just in case you’re watching with your kid and you don’t want your kid to hear it ready to quote the cheating mother effing Russians bastards I hate them I think they’re the worst effing conniving cheating Savage’s at statecraft Athletics you name it I’m glad I am on Team USA president Trump and the Republicans who support him in Congress have decided that Peter strutz personal texts make him rightfully an object am outraged and apoplectic struction on the right some of his personal texts which have been made public are in fact very critical of then Presidential candidate Donald Trump his text her also critical and profane and snarky toward Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Lynch and Eric Holder and lots of other people besides not to mention his swearing tirade against the cheating mother effing Russians the only active political figure he expresses any positive feelings about it but was involved in the initial stages of the investigation because he was believed counter-intelligence agent at the entire FBI investigation came under the purview of the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation staff first political opinions in his personal texts that happen a year ago last July long before any indictments were handed down by the special counsel’s office navigation politically I think they’re going to use him to make a whole Russia investigation look so terrible that maybe they can get the whole thing shut down all together or something couple of problems with going to see In Living Color next 24 hours including starting tomorrow morning one problem they’ve got is what his actual job was at the FBI here and counterintelligence in this country at the FBI destroying him says something value of counterintelligence out of time when there is an active concern about that for a lot of Americans for a lot of obvious reasons they’re get-out-of-jail-free card on the Russia Scandal turns out he’s not the world’s greatest dorm at his lawyer’s public statements about to tell his story and clear his name or evidence of that lawyer telling the Washington Post quote political conviction that a trump presidency would be disastrous for American National Security is not based on his bias it was based on information that was available to him after the office of Inspector General report was published strut came out guns blazing and Republicans trying to downplay the importance of the Russia investigation and to still play up Hillary Clinton’s emails instead lawyer saying quote not every FBI investigation equal importance to US National Security there’s simply no equivalence between an investigation of the possible mishandling of classified information relatively commonplace occurrence in the FBI’s Washington field office and credible evidence suggesting that the presidential 10 of a major Party candidate was actively colluding with a hostel for in power in a way that could undermine the Integrity of an American presidential election to require senior National Security officials to profess fealty to this false equivalence is short-sighted and dangerous Tomorrow there’s going to be an all-day spectacle that is going to unfold on your TV screen starting at 10 a.m. eastern time open-ended day of testimony from Peter struck they already 7-Eleven hours behind closed doors now they want to do it on TV all day long tomorrow because they think they can make Peter strzok some sort of national villain I’m not sure they know exactly what they’re in for what this guy though given his history given his career give him the way he has responded to the way they have come after him that’s far it is clear that that Peter strzok whose career the Republicans destroyed Peter strzok was the lead National Security official in this country in charge operations on or soil this guy is going to have hours and hours and hours of public testimony tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. and the Republicans think that’ll work out great for them but it’s clear that he has tails to tell and he very much wants to tell them and so this is going to be worth watching I’ll be right back on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you 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Rachel Maddow tells the story of the FBI spying on Russian spies in the U.S., “Donald Heathfield” and “Tracey Foley,” and notes the extensive biography of Peter Strzok, who led many of those operations – the same Peter Strzok that Republicans are trying to smear in order to discredit the Mueller investigation.
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GOP Stunt To Smear Counter-Intel Expert Peter Strzok Ripe For Backfire | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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