GOP contends with extremist far-right candidates

National Republican Congressional committee pulled it support for the Republican house nominee in New Jersey who had shared bigoted views claiming for instance the diversity leads to Muslims killing Christians this comes on the heels of an Anti-Defamation League report stating quote members of the extremist right and they’re racist anti-semitic views are experiencing more exposure today than any time in recent history on quote the ADL noting that the former head of the American Nazi party who is the Republican nominee for an Illinois House seat and many other CNN Tom foreman and explains how mainstream Republicans have been trying to deal with all these flagrant bigots on the ballot from California to North Carolina from Illinois to Virginia it is not about racism post US Senate nominee Corey Stewart railing about the Confederate flag in Virginia New Jersey Congressional contenders Seth Grossman taking on multiculturalism and in Illinois another Congressional hopeful Arthur Jones addressing the Holocaust yes I deny the Holocaust is an extortion racket pure and simple they are all Republicans all have made it onto the back full and four groups like the Anti-Defamation League such success is balaya deeply worrisome movement toward extremism even if those candidates are not going to win the fact that they get any level of support weather its 2% or 20 sending these primaries should raise concerns in the community support from some of the most extreme candidate rejects that the racist believes of Nazis the KKK white supremacists and others are repulsive evil and have no fruitful place in the United States but that has not stopped the small the troubling Trend in North Carolina Republic Russell Walker’s bid to grab a seat in the State House is linked to Ramblin attacks on Muslims Mormons and Jews and rants about African-Americans and so-called white rights not all these people are pursuing extreme agendas but in one particularly Stark example remember that white nationalism Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville Virginia James allsup was there now back home in Washington state he’s one of those low-level party office we made it on a white nationalist podcast he’s still pushing his views that I’m not going to tell you that knocking doors for a republican congressman is going to save the west or save he also wants gave an introductory speech at a rally for Donald Trump we want to take our country back from the globalist and a corrupt politicians and put in the hands of someone who actually knows what they’re doing is only one choice America back even a whiff of racism could be political poison as Republican Senate candidate George Allen learned when he Angel racial slur at an Indian American in Virginia lost any champions of neo-nazism anti-Semitism in simply those who openly Stoke racial animus and white anxiety are unapologetically showing up more often and it’s not so clear things that they say are things that everyone thinks they’re so bad even in that recent poll showing half of America thinks the president is racist Republicans overwhelmingly said no he’s not so much let me start with you why do you think this is happening is it just an aberration a coincidence or do you think that racism is becoming more mainstream as the bubbling up of what is already clearly in America’s DNA things that we don’t want to confess to when is President and Bolden that kind of behavior a lot of those candidates probably figure it work for him he’s present United States of America now so maybe that it can work for them me these are people who are clearly not afraid to show a white sheet under a blue suit and bring it Mountain open and we have to deal with it and I called that clearly said you know in a lot of ways this is bigger than president Trump he’s the lightning rod to this but as a country we have never ever really dealt with and in a way of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa did under apartheid all things there are not perfect but as a country we never had a Truth and Reconciliation moment in this country and president Trump has the where the fact that these folks feel emboldened to do what they’re doing it to say what they’re saying so you’re the former Republican Congressman at the table I’m sure you find these individuals reprehensible in their views disgusting but what’s going on cuz I have never seen this many nominees not forgot candidates are always friends candidates here and there but these are actual nominees and if they’ve gotten to the point that Senator Ted Cruz announce don’t vote for the Republican in that Illinois House seat Etc no no one should vote for these candidates and the party needs to find a mechanism in those of us who despise this behavior in these beliefs trying to creep into the Republican party they need to find people from using the Republican is a member of the Nazi not a republican but he knew that no one was paying attention to this District it’s overwhelming he’s going to lose its overwhelmingly Democratic but it gives him a platform and what we don’t want to do is have anyone use that platform in the Republican name it is in synthesis the everything the Republican Party stands for and I need to find a way to purge these candidates from the balance 7% do not I don’t know that that’s not part of this story to a degree Alamance campaigning for president Trump you showed one of them you know in the package leading up to this unit supporting Trump saying you know David Duke was one of President Trump’s big Champions during the 2016 campaign so we have this debate at that time do you hold a president is he responsible for the racist views of his supporters or conversely do his own views on this subject and remember Paul Ryan the speaker of the house he said when asked about President Trump’s comment at one point the company said they’re the textbook definition of racism Art’s makes racially insensitive comments but I don’t believe he’s racist I do believe that this is Nina’s earlier point this is a bigger conversation we need to have in America right hand full of completely whack-job individuals were able to weasel their way onto the back under the Republican Mantra is label is is is is horrific by the present by the rise of folks said I don’t necessarily agree with them they may agree with me I think it’s the same same situation here a lot of these folks may like the present what you’re saying Across America and what were given him plenty of give him plenty of Mexicans of Muslim even the blacks you know he said that during the campaign hi and not taken a moral High Ground to disavowal these these folks is a bad person Jewish grandchildren right I mean to think that these things are going well equivalency there is
CNN’s Tom Foreman looks at several GOP contenders around the nation who’ve been outspoken in their embrace of extremist and, in some cases, racist rhetoric.

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