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you should also know that there was a rip-roaring showdown on Capitol Hill today over Republican members of Congress attacking the justice department and the FBI and specifically the more investigation if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trunk campaign present it to the Damned grand jury if you have evidence that this present acted inappropriately present it to the American people there’s an old saying that Justice delayed is Justice denied anything right now all of us are being denied whatever you got finish it the hell up this from the man who kept the select committee on Benghazi going for two-and-a-half years after the 2016 presidential election whereupon he lost interest in quietly wrapped it up two and a half years Benghazi Select Committee and a half years zero indictments zero guilty pleas zero prison prison sentences zero jail time but he is now demanding of a one-year-old Robert Mueller investigation which has resulted in I’m he’s insisting that one has gone on way too long and that must be finished the hell up incidentally I should also mention that the guy who actually I mentioned that because you might not otherwise have heard anything about it because Republicans really turned out to be not all that interested in that at all unless it could be used to attack Hillary Clinton somehow and then try to hurt her chances in the presidential election but today for whatever reason republicans in Congress really pop the cork on trying to shut down the special counsel investigation into what Russia did to mess with our last presidential election in order to try to allow Donald Trump and not included some members of Congress really screaming at the deputy Attorney General of the United States are they now apparently want to impeach and everybody knows what the game is here right this is interesting the top Democrats in Congress all the Democrats from the gang of eight so Nancy Pelosi who’s the house leader for the Democrats Chuck Schumer the Senate leader for the Democrats and the top of them wrote a letter today to the FBI in the Justice Department expressing their concern about how republicans in Congress are right now trying to shut down the Mueller investigation and they release this publicly I think basically just found a public alarm and the justice department says quote the president’s Congressional allies are applying growing pressure on your agencies in line with the president’s improper demand for total transparency to disclose sensitive information and material that is not usually shared with Congress and that we directly to the ongoing investigation into president Trump his own campaign and his associates given the pending investigation are not for legitimate oversight purposes rather sensitive information shared with Congress has been selectively and misleadingly seated into the public domain to advance the president and his legal team strategy of undermining public trust in the justice department and the FBI at attacking the legitimacy special counsel and his ongoing investigation as the attacks on the special counsel intensify it’s imperative that you withstand pressure on the justice department in the FBI to violate establish procedures and Norms your role in preserving the entire have the special counsel investigation and our justice system has become ever more vital so that’s the top Democrats the FBI in the doj we know what the Republicans are trying to do to you here to get to the special counsel investigation you must stand up to them and not give in more Bible increasingly frantic pace is demanding information from the molar investigation that they can provide to the White House to help the president’s defense they also. hi for the angel pleasure of working the refs trying to put the justice department and the special counsel’s office and the FBI under unbearable pressure to do what Republicans want which is to of course let the investigation this runs this time did you threaten staffers on the house intelligence committee media reports indicate you did reports are mistaken sometimes number one law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your calls and emails is downright chilling did you threaten to subpoena of their calls and emails no sir and there’s no way to subpoena phone calls suggest that you not relying with the processor I don’t know why the republicans in Congress are boiling with such broth right now about the Mueller investigation but Congressional Republicans all the stops all of a sudden right now I don’t know why right now but something has got them very upset how they passing resolution today that they really might use to try to impeach the deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein not because they have proven NE doctor even this courtesy on his part they’re after him basically because he is in charge of overseeing the special counsel investigation and that is apparently enough I’ll have more on that coming up later on this hour but I think it’s big picture it’s important everybody to know that for some reason Congressional Republicans right now are running down all pads that wants their exercising every option they think they’ve got to try to undercut and undermine and defame and pressure the special counsel investigation in order to protect president why is hitting this fever pitch right now I do not know but have you met Alexa Alexa that’s him on the right with Mike Pompeo on the left Alexa Arabic angling his self he just so so it’s kind of like he’s posing with Donald Trump here’s another photo I posted online which he says shows him actually shaking hands with Donald Trump these are all photos from Trump duration weekend mr. Alexa epic not only got these photos with Trump and Pompeo he was also close enough to a lot of events that he got good shots of Vice President Mike Pence was apparently close enough to be in conversation with Eric Trump one of the president-elect sons white house chief of staff reince priebus soon to be replaced as Chief of Staff John Kelly Russian pharmaceutical Tycoon that’s him on the right that’s his wife in the center of your screen is terrific and his wife attended the Trump inauguration we don’t know why this Russian pharmaceutical tycoons with the Trump inauguration we don’t know why you was there we don’t know who invited Alexei repec and his wife to come from Russia to attend the Trump inauguration but we know they attended and we know that because they posted a video library experiences online once I got home obituary this is at the Gillingham we do not know why this Russian pharmaceutical Tycoon and his wife attended the Trump inauguration I’ve been meeting one-on-one with Vladimir Putin to the Trump inauguration that’s him meeting one-on-one Vladimir Putin on the right that’s a guy named Boris to talk also meeting with Vladimir Putin also technically had to run for reelection this year theoretically he might have even had some competition in that election Alexei navalny is a popular opposition leader in Russia who was very much opposed to Russia because navalny was seen as a potential real threat to get even some minor percentage of the national vote Hooten blocks navalny nevertheless promise to keep campaigning anyway and so Russian Court soon order the volunteers campaign Foundation to shutdown as well leader so what he does now is that whenever he’s up for election he hand-picked a few people who he’s more comfortable running against this year for the famously he picked a woman called ksenia sobchak who is Paris Hilton Gerald former reality star famous Russian socialite she also happens to be the daughter of one of Putin’s oldest political colleagues he picked her Russian business Advocate whatever that means. Prince do not congratulate agreeing to run as one of Putin’s hand-picked stooge fake opponents in these fake elections they have no in Russia special kind of favor so forced heat off one of those those candidates in the Russian election this year was handpicked by Putin to be one of the candidates running against him 0.6% of the vote in the Russian presidential election in January 2017 alteration and take it to one of the inaugural balls on the post ask mr. takes off which inaugural ball he had attended he told them quote I don’t remember what the ball was called but people danced Trump danced on the post ask him how he got those hard get tickets to an inaugural event handpicked candidates running against Putin in the last election why were you at the inauguration in January among the Russian citizens attending Trump’s inauguration were Natalia veselnitskaya the Russian lawyer from the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting veselnitskaya as the one who reportedly offered Russian government dirt on Hillary Clinton to Trump’s campaign also with her the Russian lobbyist who attended the Trump Tower meeting with her nice velvet tux or in-app so I can clean up very nicely event reporting about all these very well connected Russian people connected to the Russian government just happen to pop up in DC on the day Trump became the most powerful person on the planet exclusive Invitation Only formal receptions that were held during the Trump inaugural celebration again this isn’t just for going to the inauguration itself outdoor event where it rained at the Capitol exclusive events that you needed to get invited to and that not all that many people got to attend why were there lots of Russian government connected Russian citizens invited to and an attendance at those events according to the ABC reported among the people invited to an exclusive 500-person black-tie Chairman’s Global dinner the night before the inauguration was a Russian music mogul because of his ties to the Russian government but nevertheless Terry was another invited guest at a candlelight dinner that was held the night before the inauguration at Washington’s Union Station the train station who’s been hit with European money laundering charges also the candle light dinner the night before the inauguration at Union Station was a billionaire Russian oligarch who was recently stopped at a New York airport by federal agents working for special counsel that only God could subject to sanctions now by the US government is also the same guy who inexplicably put Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen on a million-dollar contract to do nobody sure what right after Trump was elected so we have known before that there were at least a few well-connected Russians who inexplicably turned up with the Trump inauguration but now this new ABC reporting gives us and it gives us the knowledge that they were invited to not just the inauguration but exclusive events and according to ABC News the resources with knowledge of the matter tell ABC of all of these well connect government conducted Russians at the Trump inauguration as quote the interest of federal investigators probing Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election the White House president supporters in Congress I don’t know Copperfield an additional 10 million dollar loan we having previously known about from a Putin aligned Russian oligarchs and all I dare Apopka to Palmetto for 2010 tax returns for a company jointly owned by reveals a 10 million dollar loan to the company from a quote Russian lender a court-authorized search in May 2017 of a storage locker in Virginia use my matterport revealed documents that show that the identity of the Russian lender was there misspelt deripaska elsewhere in this FBI affidavit quote is not Ukrainian Russian and very close to Vladimir Putin and he’s only very rich because Vladimir Putin has allowed him to be so why would Russia and there were lines be funding Paul manafort for his work in Ukraine why was Russia funding to do that started offering that same oligarch private briefings on the status of the u.s. presidential election while he was running Trump’s effort to become president and wall Russia was intervening and that effort to help Trump win I don’t know but we’re about to find out because one month from today the criminal trial of Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul manafort is due to start in federal district court in the eastern district of Virginia Paul manafort late today announced that he’s out in yet another new lawyer to his defense team Council Robert Mueller’s office today filed a notice that a veteran Espionage prosecutor will be added to the prosecutor’s team that will be trying them out of court case a month from today in Virginia workout for the president’s campaign chairman we don’t know how things are going to work out for the president in the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation president today again cited Vladimir Putin’s assurances that Russian definitely didn’t intervene he said so also today confirmed a one-on-one Summit between President Trump and Vladimir Putin to take place next month in Helsinki hold on to your Alaska here at home Trump Administration republicans in Congress for some reason are vibrating with excitement they’re vibrating with excitement that seems negatively or positively the Supreme Court and the country’s discussion of that fact has not even really caught up to the possibility that if the president himself as a ledge by the special counsel investigation to have any significant criminal liability inevitably end up as a matter before the United States Supreme Court do what she is about to name a new member can the president pardon himself it’ll be the Supreme Court that ends up answering that and he’s about to put somebody new on that chords all these things are happening at once now and for some reason republicans in Congress are also at the same time really really fired up and seemingly worried about the Mueller investigation they are pulling out all stops right now they’re pushing it to the absolute limit right now to try to kill off the Mueller investigation something has got them or wound up on this and they have been in forever as we sit at the beginning of the things are starting to happen fast now that means we have to be able to pay attention to a whole bunch of different things at once your country needs you to be right back AC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Rachel Maddow looks at the renewed vigor with which Republicans are trying to undercut the FBI and the Trump Russia investigation, and rounds up the latest reporting on progress in the probe, including scrutiny of Russians guests at Donald Trump’s inauguration.
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GOP Anxious To Subvert Robert Mueller As Donald Trump Russia Probe Pushes On | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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