Girlfriends of Humboldt Broncos players united by tragedy

I heard them say the word Humboldt Broncos bus and I just felt my niece Kaylee says truck was halfway across the world in Thailand having what she thought was 1 best days of her life when she was pulled aside and told her boyfriend was in a collision I kept on saying but I just wanted to wake up cuz I thought that I would I hope that I would sometimes I still hope I do Jacob white died in The Humble Broncos crash since then Kaylee has been trying to keep his Spirit Alive she graduated high school last night she found strength to cross the podium from a nuisance Hood born out of tragedy you never see my thoughts are with the girlfriends you see with the friends and family and I don’t feel like I fit quieted to either those scattegories I feel like a little bit a mixture of them Quinn Courtney also lost her boyfriend Jackson Joseph in the crash she channeled her grief by bringing the girlfriends together they’re spread out across western Canada they met for the first time last weekend they all mean something really special to me and courage the women to make customized jean jackets with the names and jersey numbers of their boyfriends angel wings for the deceased and wore them to the arena for the Broncos play having everybody together is the first time I’ve really been able to understand what people mean by the term humble strong or by you are so strong there’s strength in numbers the girls provide proof of that the girlfriends are in constant communication sharing stories advice and words of encouragement I say it’s sticking together forever just like an older guys will do and I think it’s really strong team with this special bond that no one else shares a bond that’s growing stronger now that these women have their own team Libya stefanovic CBC News Prince Albert Saskatchewan 13 players on that bus were injured but survived some have made astonishing recoveries for others the road is been longer eighteen-year-old Lane Mattituck spent a month in a am I struggling with a brain injury he still cannot speak today his family released a statement it said we wish we could tell you it’s getting easier the reality is it’s not at this point we’re not sure when Lane will get to leave Hospital what we can tell you is we believe he gets a little closer everyday believe is the word were holding on to these days Lanes coach talked about this off and he believed the team was not a fifth-place team but a number 1 team he told players if they have to believe in order to accomplish something today we believe
Girlfriends of the Humboldt Broncos players involved in the bus crash have been united by the tragedy. Many of them had never met before — now they support each other as they try to deal with their grief.

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