Germany knocked out of World Cup by South Korea

stunning defeat in the World Cup Wednesday South Korea knocked out defending world champion German e220 olly Foster from our broadcast partners that BBC news reports from Moscow and love said that this appointment is huge she said they didn’t deserve to win the World Cup again didn’t even deserve to reach the Lost 16 that is the general consensus that the reigning Champions simply haven’t been good enough hair losing to Mexico late winner against Sweden but finally unraveling in Kazan against South Korea that will come over in the space of just 10 days The First Time The Fulton Champions have failed to get out of the World Cup the hat that chances against South Korea but they were chasing the game looking for the goal that would save them instead they were completely sunk South Korea catching them on the break Canyon go on and some cumin with the goals for them to consign Germany to Basel in that group how the mighty have fallen from that group going to be taken by Sweden and Mexico Sweden of 10 that woke up around winning three against the Mexicans late to this till August in synonyms for that Mexican Sweden’s rewards Atty with Switzerland Mexico a penalty perhaps for finishing off the top of the group Brazil in the next round the five-time Champions look much better against Serbia right here in Moscow at the spot Sac State Employee I gave him to leave I have time Thiago Silva sometime after the break that results afford to lose against Costa Rica who were already out they were too I’m down with just a couple of minutes left but Switzerland got the drill Joseph damage got that equalizer against Sweden full matches on Thursday will finally know the full lineup in the last 16 a knockout round of course without Germany Tanya

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