Gangster escapes French prison for second time

inotorious gangster is on the run again this time after a spectacular prison break his second time which one fire escape from a prison near Paris this morning with the help of multiple armed men who hijacked a helicopter pick him up they force the pilot to fly to an area just Northwest of Paris and please say the men let the pilot go unharmed and then took off in a car by Ed was serving a 25-year sentence for masterminding a failed robbery he was serving an additional 10 years for a previous Escape in 2013 where he used explosives to blast through prison doors French journalists Carolyn’s one Dawn is outside the prison following the store Grey Forest now so Carolina what can you tell us about this investigation well the investigation has just started but what we know so far is that there were three people involved Indy escape the French a Justice Minister confirmed it an hour ago to heavily-armed and Men Who used tools to get inside the prison to go through the doors to the visiting room where had one fade was with his and the third man who was waiting in the helicopter with the hostage what we also know is that this Escape is this Escape was a planned maybe months ago why a because a few months ago at the prison stop so drones flying over the penitentiary area and this may be the reason why they knew that they were no protection that’s in the courtyard this Pacific Courtyard or where the elicopter I landed and finally best people this afternoon where questions were questioned by the police and they might give details about the men at that so went inside the prison and the brother of had one fade is still being invited police he’s in custody right now at all fearful of his Escape people inside the prison told us at that they were very frightened after what happened because it’s not the first time that could win fade escaped the first time he escaped was in 2013 5 years ago in the north of France in the presence of a Sitka died was also a spectacular prison break that took less than half an hour and he had taken as several guards hostage used explosion had to I get out using at the guards as human Shields and he was on the run for several weeks he was captured by the police right now had one fight is still on the Run he’s he’s considered to be a very dangerous Fugitive
The first time Redoine Faid escaped from prison five years ago, he blasted his way out with explosives.
He was caught, locked up and given more time behind bars. But on Sunday, he managed to escape again — by hitching a ride on a hijacked helicopter.
Faid, one of France’s most notorious criminals, was serving 25 years in prison for his role in a failed 2010 robbery that resulted in the death of French police officer AurĂ©lie Fouquet.

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