Funeral held for Bronx teen killed in gang attack

my heart is torn for the family for a little boy he didn’t deserve that even at the funeral service in Belmont for 15 year old is Sandra Jr Guzman Feliz the anger was still palpable New Life Health orders today the clergy denounced gang violence and share the thoughts of Junior’s mother who did not speak at today’s service and she is full of Faith she is full of Rizal certainly Justice for junior but saying no to retaliation saying no to vengeance father and others were Yankee jerseys today for that reason just over a mile away police say the first of the six men brought out of the 48th Precinct this afternoon allegedly slashed fifteen-year-old Guzman Sally’s in the neck one by one the rest of the men brought to the Bronx after being arrested in Paterson New Jersey we’re taking to a van to go to Bronx Criminal Court to be arraigned also a rain today twenty-three-year-old Elvin Garcia and on Monday 19 year-old Kevin Alvarez made his first court appearance all alleged members of the trinitarios gang all believed to be involved in the stabbing of Guzman filiz at a deli on Bathgate Avenue at East 183rd Street police say the eight attacked him thinking he was a boy seen in a video social media having sex with a cousin of one of the men but it wasn’t him cellphone video shows Guzman Feliz running to a nearby hospital just one block away but he collapsed and died outside the ER cbs2 just spoke to Bishop who is comforting Junior’s mother and she’s finally finally broke down and she’s she’s she’s just Roy

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