Full Panel: Will President Trump use ‘gender politics’ to choose Supreme Court nominee?

welcome back panel is here Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher NBC News Jackson this person wrote as a political matter however the fight over Kennedy’s replacement as a gift to the president it is a reminder of Trumps adherence to the deal he made with Evangelical Christians and other religiously conservative supporters ignore my bigotry and Dad all the kingdoms of the courts from lowest to highest will barely be yours pretty rough way to describe it and I’ve been very critical of evangelicals and they’re in there for the blind support for for the president Trump over character but he’s right well he’s right to a degree in degree is that the evangelicals voted for this President predominately especially the ones that were on the fence I’m not talking about the ones that were showing up in Alabama those rallies it kind of came with their nose hell to a degree any of these evangelicals believe and I know this is shocking a lot of folks but they believe he is God’s chosen candidate for such a time as this this is the word on the street in the Evangelical world and so Along Comes a second Supreme Court nomination and they’re like well here you go we as an Evangelical have a chance to reshape is court for a long time I think it’ll be interesting to reshaping the court murkowski terms of in Trump’s mind how much workowski and Collins potentially others can get to what’s interesting on the issue of abortion Republican senators from when Kennedy was confirmed in 1988 to today 8810 Republican Senators Cornell call themselves pro-choice 1988 when Kennedy was confirmed today dog catching the car look be careful what you what you ask for troops across the country last two weeks right I lose this battle right cuz that you said the numbers just aren’t there and there’s only so many tactics take elections have consequences but but check out and looking at Gallup date over the last two decades and nowhere in this guy out there that can I buy show where anywhere God help these old men if they take off these Suburban women was trying to send a message to the president when he said I understand but it’s I think Lindsey Graham aggressive Cornell be careful here Withrow they wouldn’t be on this list from the federal Society if you didn’t already know where they stood on that particular issue that I have heard that people close to the president of trying to inoculate again some of that is to push him toward picking a woman in the president has said he is leaning towards selecting two women who are on the short list of maybe 5 to 7 including Amy Barrett who is one person put it to me just last night she was dating by Dianne Feinstein and her confirmation hearing for judge I think there is a calculation that some people close to the president of making but I’ve also heard that the president himself has said essentially I would have try not to think about gender politics I want to pick the best candidate and if it’s that’s a man it’s a man which side is torn on this do they want the fight or not do Republicans want the I don’t know I think some of them do and think it’s where they fight I mean I think at this point Republicans aren’t where they need to fight they think they’ve already want it and I think there is the point that carne Cornell made aside that this could backfire in in the pools I think they’ve already think that they want it and four Democrats the fight within 2016 they missed the fight that is when there was a Supreme Court Justice being held up but maybe because Merrick Garland wasn’t the progressive Firebrand that really start them up or maybe they miss the fact that there was a path to Donald Trump to 270 they didn’t fight that fight then now it’s too late and they can only message the way we saw Senator Cantwell do as best as he could but that’s all Democrats have right now how much that Supreme Court opening was such a motivating factor for Republicans a particular issue and take a look what the percentage was among those voters 56% were Trump voters and only 41% work like Monday a student Supreme Court is in fact impossible is important I think you’re going to see that number I’ll grow for Democrats not just the Supreme Court but the federal Judiciary it will take a full generation to turn around the court that is the the Judiciary that’s being shifted so far to the right how are you you mentioned Evangelical sources tell me that’s the number one pick for them for sure Amy verified beyond that we know Donald Trump likes Optics can you imagine Roe v Wade whatever happens to be of five men five for decision whatever happens virodhi weight or something along those lines but this is an Optics thing and I think it would it would probably vote well for this president if he cares yeah he does nothing is habitat for example there’s a lot of talk about Optics then and we can pick more women over this male candidates in this is a president who doesn’t like to be told how the Optics make him look he will assess that and think about it I’m not sure that in this instance that is motivating factor Malaysian hair midterm elections come along you got 3 months July through November to say hey I picked a supreme court nominee who’s a woman and I’m just saying so listen to the fake news media out there saying you know what fake news a woman who’s going to overturn Roe v Wade going to terrorize women in the suburbs over here to watch latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Hallie Jackson, Kimberly Atkins, Cornell Belcher and David Brody join the Meet the Press panel to discuss the politics of the open Supreme Court seat.

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