Full Interview: Ramzan Kadyrov The Leader Of Chechnya – BBC News

how popular is football in chechnya but we have the kind of childhood there wasn’t much time but now after a Smart Car dealer came to power created a football team today and we started playing and playing well in the European Cup what people are known as it’s very you could say we’ve got the most visited stadium in Russia everyone loves everyone is glad to see the World Cup in Russia Egyptian national team arrives and made the first appearance of the stadium of 8005 allowed that many love sports especially football what opportunity does it give great power that our economy and Society I getting stronger that we wants to host the World Cup there were many that I post this but nevertheless Justice was done and Russia is hosting the football World Cup digit from team is based hair include some of the top players from European clubs the Europeans in the Americans say about us certain countries play Mary’s lawlessness hair human rights violated so many tourists is the commis region the most prosperous and the fastest developing the media of certain Western European countries blatantly lie what they say about us is a large Roberson nonsense is ready to receive gas to destroy our enemies and to move forward that’s the kind of Republic we are the kind of region or kind of people tell me about the moments that you met masala I went to the hotel like a Muslim brother we were introduced he’s a great guy and he’s religious a person under the footballer everyone knows his name so I’m very glad he’s living here in training in this region I spoken to everyone in the training team on the clock management and the embassy I spoken to the Egyptian ambassador to see what they need here conditions they liked everything here they couldn’t ask for more everyone has played here in the stadium and we’ll team played here with many famous people we don’t try to play politics with this guitar enemies who are paid to write articles who sell out the Pinterest of that country and people for money I did and always well I didn’t invite we created the FIFA UEFA I created the conditions here so that we can invite guests I created the necessary security conditions so that our enemies wouldn’t look tell me about the stadium letter to President Putin who issued the resolution and outlined a program for the future I’m at Arena Stadium continue this until the stadium wave friendly match was organised between the Russian national team and I can’t remember which country played against them all teams come here and play without seeing Ahmed conditions have been created the highest founded summer polar Ebola store and it shows Once Again footballers from Liverpool Manchester and other clubs study on what else can I say welcome we’re ready to greet people here by myself but I like it I would love our team to win the World Cup we spoke about Russia’s image what about the image of chechnya because once again critics say extra-judicial executions disappearance of opponents persecution of homosexuals these are the allegations made against you in chechnya is this true get out of the silent about Jerusalem being destroyed why do they say nothing about why do they go on about cilic we have 1 million four hundred thousand people living here forecast shows that we have the best conditions the happiest people living in the best conditions in the social sphere bolitas for this street crime terrorism everyday people that killed Hammer of sexuality the word people dressed in European security any chance they made all this up and then they send people to Europe and send them all they get money from we don’t have a single one it’s all made of they have been cases straight away they started spreading rumors and playing politics woman is a woman and animal is an animal people who say we do should try to understand the Chechen people I didn’t make up our traditions in a customer I’m in Tennessee they are hundreds of years old didn’t have Lowe’s every year the elders would gather people together an issue with judgement and they would live according to the year and then they would meet again the following year this is how we live we end up a time when we are the friendly people but when they don’t leave us alone we know how to defend ourselves we didn’t attack people with building a republic you were here in 2000 it was like then now look at it anytime ask a question if there’s something they don’t like responsibility for that when we did not break the laws in the rules the ones who don’t understand it’s cool what is Western European countries yep they can we live on the territory of the Russian Federation weather lower profiles kitchen fee no one here will allow us to break the law allow themselves to be treated badly every family every clients after its own destroyed violated people’s rights we will be asked about this whole Battalion we know how to defend the way that people like that writes they wouldn’t allow it they would say to us we still live like our ancestors first and foremost we are religion the only nation which accepted Islam voluntarily without you and I told me you would answer

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