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Senator Cantwell out in Washington state senator welcome back to Meet the Press good morning let me start with the basic question here help me out where it where do you sit it feels as if Senate Democrats in general have all sorts of it’s on how to handle this Supreme Court pipe what is yours well this is a very different Supreme Court discussion because everyone in the United States Senate who’s going to vote on this knows that it will change the balance of power so you’re not just voting on whether you think Trump should have his nominee your voting on whether that nominee is going to change president when it comes to a whole host of issues of right to choose your access to healthcare whether if you have diabetes or asthma all of a sudden a pre-existing condition is no longer allowed and you have to pay more for insurance so I think that my colleagues on besides the aisle know that this vote could be a one of the key votes of their entire career and they know that no matter what spin comes out of the White House if they vote for somebody who’s going to change president it could be a are ending move okay that’s fine to to say that in the aftermath but the numbers of the numbers right but we know what the numbers are in the Senate the rules have been changed bare majority now does this so your it sounds like you want to defeat the nominee for sure or you trying to inspire president Trump to pick a moderate in the mainstream of American views who are going to hold up years and years and years resident the one great thing about our nation is an independent Judiciary in times of intense political debate the fact that we have that independent Judiciary that will uphold the law is key to what is so great about our country 149 Senate and if he wants to throw an extreme conservative who basically says I’m not going to follow precedent I’m not going to follow these laws then yes that to me is a is a major change in something President should be sitting down with moderate on that advise and consent and say what would be good for America only looking at nominees provided by the federal so we know he’s going to pick some more of a trishul conservit so I asked you how do Democrats then can you defeat this nominee if it comes from that are you hoping to woo senators murkowski and Collins well the plan here is to speak out about the change in balance in the court you are not just voting as was with corset for just one more name you know that Justice Kennedy was a Swing Vote but he was a Libertarian that sometimes he sided with the conservative justices sometimes he upheld what were very important issues of marriage equality of issues on the environment so from my colleagues in moderate state weather that’s democrat or republican you’re really going to have to decide am I voting for a Justice that’s going to hold up the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act and my voting for a Justice that is really going to hold up Roe v Wade or woman’s right to have the to do what she wants with her body these are issues it’s not going to be about what they say it’s going to be about whether you really believe that Justice given what the president has said he’s willing to nominate what are you going to do to be very iodine if there’s some democratic activist who think that you guys are going to have a confirmation hearing and you’re not going to do whatever it takes to stop any justice at the president nominates it if it does come from a more conservative conserve are there was one person quoted at one activist quoted in the New York Times today saying they like to see some civil disobedience in the Senate is every bit of attention but I’m so anxious to hear whatever this nominee has to say is the president able to Pardon himself do you believe in the emoluments Clause that basically there should be a conflict of interest if there is one the president shouldn’t be able to participate in special self-interest I want to know what he thinks about the molar the process of how far the Mueller investigation needs to go and will they fight to protect that I’m hearing what kind of nominee is going to be on the bench and if the president is under indictment what is that nominee going to do about that so these are Monumental questions and this is a person who wants 40 years on the court for probably 40 years I want at least 40 minutes to hear what they have to say about these important issues you would have an easier time I think getting your moderate if the rules of the Senate hadn’t hadn’t been changed I’m going to play for your remark made in 2013 when then Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid changed the rules for lower court nominations here’s what he said go to my friends on the other side of the aisle you’ll regret this and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think well we’re dealing with what we’re dealing with today and I doubt that whatever the circumstances of the rules were then or now that they would be proceeding on this with 51 votes the issue is there so many things before the American people and this position will change the balance of the Court the president has the right to nominate somebody as he service I want to do it in this situation now a bare majority decides the future of the Court weekend people are anxious about Healthcare they’re anxious about the Detention of people who are seeking asylum in the United States they want to know what is going to happen with this court nominee they are so anxious key rides that have been bestowed upon Americans are going to be rolled back so yes they want to know what we’re going to do about it and what I want to make perfectly clear is that this is not a normal Supreme Court Justice vote you know sure that your vote is changing the balance and I want all my colleagues to have the time to take that is not a rush process to know whether this nominee is going to uphold those American rights or not picture of a rush process do you think they should be delayed till after the election or do you think we should know before the election where people stand on this by July 9th I would say is that an invite advising Concentra I’d be sitting down with the moderates to say what kind of Justice do we need in the United States for this process to make sure that basic rights do you want to wait till after the election or not well I would love that because I want to make sure that we have enough time and that the issues are discussed and that we have our rights hurt that’s what I would like but they’re Center thanks for coming on ensuring appreciate it thank you thanks for checking out our YouTube channel over here to watch the latest interviews my lights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about how Democrats plan to respond to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

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