Fourth of July could be one of the hottest on record

nearly 80 million people are under extreme heat warnings across the Eastern United States at least one heat-related death has been reported in Pennsylvania with several others under investigation in Missouri relief is still days away next birthday this Fourth of July could be one of the hottest on record joining me now is CBS News weather producer David Parkinson price of David what does the forecast look like for the 4th of July and when will this heat break in a word hot so we took a look at the temperatures at fireworks time for some of the biggest events across the country and we found at least four of them where it’s going to feel like it’s in the 90s during fireworks time which is of course 9 or 10 p.m. so that goes first Luis that goes for Nashville that goes for Washington DC and that goes for Columbus Ohio all of them are going to feel like they’re in the 90s that fireworks time and earlier in the day it’s going to feel like a hundred and seventy in St Louis so it’s going to feel like incredibly hot even New York which is going to come down a couple of degrees there was a little bit of rain today that cool dust down a bit so there was some spots in Suburban New Jersey that went from like 96 to 72 in a couple of hours not quite as much 4th of July holiday is Houston Texas area around Minneapolis and then some spotty pop up showers up and down the East Coast that’s what we’re looking weather-wise but unfortunately the heat does not really break it just received a little bit in the east buddy Bills ever so strong in the midwest as well as several heat-related deaths have been reported and I feel like a lot of times despite these kinds of warnings people will still go about trying to carry on as business as usual and I wonder what are the risks associated with high temperatures like this will see there’s a couple things that you have to remember there’s the the obvious don’t dues which is don’t go out and run don’t go do physical activity for those people who have jobs outside obviously that’s a little bit difficult but generally you know don’t exert yourself during daylight hours the things that people are not aware of though is how hot surfaces get so grass even in the sun is 10 or 15 degrees warmer than air temperature cement is about 30 degrees warmer than a 95 degree air temperature and then when you talk about blacktop you’re talking about a hundred and thirty 140° that’s enough to burn skin if enough to burn Paws Pet so you got to watch out for that you got to watch out for the sand at the beach which also heats up into the 120 popsicles are some ways that you might not even think you need to protect yourself along with not exerting yourself drinking plenty of fluids stopping taking brakes making sure you know that you’re getting into an air-conditioned place if it all you can eating from the sidewalk until you see either on your app or from one of the signs of the subway coming don’t go down what is causing these extremely high temperatures in giant Ridge basically were all under the Northern Jet Stream and that basically is going from coast to coast there’s a little bit of the Pacific Northwest that’s not included but it one of the most expensive and strongest ridges we have had in a summer on record top 3 pretty much so that tells you why it’s so wide and so strong for so many people and as it moves forward into the weekend it build a little bit further to the West that’s why West Coast is going to be entering a really stifling. Particular for places like Los Angeles we can get to 101 degrees but the East Coast getting a little bit of a break maybe you’re only in the upper 80s for the weekend then the temperatures bounce right back up next week my gosh brace yourselves everyone alright we would Parkinson thank you so much David thanks
At least one death in Pennsylvania has been attributed to the heat wave hitting the eastern U.S., and temperatures will continue to soar through the Fourth of July holiday. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson has the latest forecast and the cause of the wave.

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