Former U.S. Senator On Mission To Greet Veterans At WWII Memorial | NBC Nightly News

after World War II Memorial on the National Mall the crowds gather around an old Soldier reporting for duty to say thank you thank you for your service Bob doing a second Lieutenant wounded during World War our US senator for 28 years a 1996 Republican Presidential nominee turns 95 this month energized by the fellow veterans he greets are you years old I never thought I’d be 95 I meant thousands of veterans not so many anymore from World War we’re all disappearing what do you all have in common I keep telling him that we were all in this together and we’re all did what we were asked to do and some were lucky in somewhere not too lucky Senator tall was the driving force to get this no built today Veterans come by the busload to visit was it like when you come to this Memorial wounded Mike Radioman I’ve been wounded and I crawled out trying to getting back in a little Ravine and then I got shot and and didn’t make any passed away so I tried but I couldn’t save him but here in the shadow of the memorial jokes pictures and lingering handshake are you like a good kiss so what does it do for your spirits veterans to greet Dole says he’ll be here nbcnews fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
World War II veteran Bob Dole was the driving force behind getting the World War II memorial built and now he’s on a mission to shakes hands with every veteran who visits.
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Former U.S. Senator On Mission To Greet Veterans At WWII Memorial | NBC Nightly News

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