Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has “VIP” treatment in jail

Federal prosecutors reveals the conditions of former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort’s detention the filing includes taped conversations in which manafort has said he’s being treated like a VIP and enjoys unique privileges 42 other inmates this comes just days after manafort’s lawyer said he was in solitary confinement for 23 hours 23 hours a day for more on this I want to bring in Washington what are the specifics of Paul manafort conditions and treatments in his current Detention Facility self-contained living area and all this may not sound that he has access to all of his file like just like he would it home and again wow that doesn’t sound too exciting too many people when you are facing to try like that this isn’t normal that’s a huge I can really help you prepare for your cape and then to the fact that he is in communication with his lawyers on multiple times a day so this is good as it gets tough for someone in jail but salt important it is very unusual for a white collar defense to be incarcerated ahead of his trial to remember remember the judge I put him in jail because he was accused of trying to tamper with Witnesses added that upcoming from the filing specify did manafort spoke with his attorneys / 1 hundred times throughout the past 3 weeks if he has had access to his attorney’s all of his files in a workspace what reasons would manafort have for wanting to delay trial right in the judge said the same thing she did in the middle of the state away from your attorney that is hard to prepare but she shot that down and see if you didn’t order requiring him to be able to spend at least 8 hours a day working with his lawyer because there were so many documents are related to this case and all the charges that he faces and he knows attorneys needs time to go through them once again unlike most so it sort of interesting note they have been recording some of this called and allegedly enemies called prosecutor say that he sort of makes a big reference to some sort of strategy using he wants to do his other trials Virginia it seems other conversations are recorded that he wants to push the Virginia trial after his Washington prize strategies but that’s another one of the reasons I pushing this request set to be held July 25th in Alexandria Virginia has requested for it to be located to a more rural City what’s the reason for that request and How likely is it for the judge to Grant it more likely to vote for the president and supported the president a white collar politically charged for him even if he got out where the president going to be Washington DC is what I did not the judge is sort of really skeptical about his attorneys are making some of them that you want to give any kind of client who’s paying you this much money in Washington for a thank you
Federal prosecutors said in a filing that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has said he is being treated like a VIP and enjoys unique privileges not afforded to other inmates. This comes days after Manafort’s lawyers said he was in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN to discuss Manafort’s time in jail and upcoming trial.

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