Former Fox News executive takes White House job

another breaking news on we’re getting in from our White House correspondent Caitlin Collins Gloria IV she has to learn that the former Fox News president of those shine has accepted a position as Deputy white house chief of staff in charge of can locations of this is this is been in in the works out I take it for sometime and that that he’s been talking to Bill shine about a job for for quite some time I think there are probably aware that it will be a controversial given the fact that scheinwerfer Rodger Ailes but they clearly made a decision that that’s something that they can weather and that the president wants shine there who’s executive who left under the circumstances they wasn’t being forceful in dealing with the allegations of sexual harassment or whatever someone else I can’t even remember to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton let alone two and maybe with the Aging population supreme court maybe even three on District administration so you think about that the contacts why issues like mr. sign would no longer be at the Forefront of people’s mind they think that lesser of two evils well now you have the promise and we’re not sure what the exact title of his new position in the white as we know he’s going to the senior position in the White House our Rebecca but not exactly sure if for whatever managing Communications for this President is always going to be a challenge because the president is his own communications director he manages the messaging in this white house and he is we know he only listens to his advisers as it’s so it’s a tough job to sign up and he’s sort of Unbound and he wants to bring his friends into the White House and I think Bill shine as somebody he is comfortable with and Sean Hannity is comfortable with Bill shine so it all works out

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