First look at Brexit campaign ads

Folkston South East England hugs the English Channel with France so close you can see it’s faint Coast in the distance this maybe Britain’s gateway to the but it doesn’t mean people here feel connected to Europe in fact the majority of Voters in Folkston shows brexit among them would have known a company in British Columbia with swaying votes here by spreading questionable claims did you see this number for the campaign 350 million a week not yet people believed it I know but another time to vote leave campaign poured Millions into aggregate IQ based all the way in Victoria now we know what Facebook app they pumped out and return this one suggest Britain’s and 350 million pounds a week to the EU enough to build a new hospital every 7 days it says there’s the threat of turkey and its whole population moving to the UK and the Doobie is claimed the EU wants to kill Britain’s beloved cup of tea that should be a challenge from the advertising regulations in this country Damian Collins and his parliamentary Committee just obtained copies of the ads from face she take a relatively small company from Canada does not put in the UK before and they all the main appetizer for the campaign it’s pretty clear how the instruction was made political ads just by looking at them they can seem like a pole or even a game this supposed soccer Quiz 2 win 50 million pounds was actually only meant to collect user data adverse witness it from the inside as a campaign volunteer the people responsible for that need to be accounted for and we counted all that to happen and one you thought about the laws we broke into UConn allowed this information to spread the the campaign has been over for 2 years still no one knows how many lies may have affected the outcome Thomas tag your CBC News folkestone England
The public is getting its first look at Brexit ads commissioned by the Leave campaign ahead of the referendum. The ads were done by B.C. company Aggregate IQ, and focus on specific issues like immigration, animal rights and health. In many cases it’s not clear they are campaign ads.

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