First FDNY battalion chief to enter the north tower on 9/11 set to retire

banita next year America strong the last fire chief to answer the call 911 at the World Trade Center is now retiring cheap deal Pfeiffer has been with the FDNY since he was 25 a young man from Queens he had no idea they would come on the job that would change everything the camera capturing his reaction that moment Fallen firefighters that day the new day films later called 911 I remember 911 exactly and at that moment I knew I was going to the lodge assisted in my life and in that moment this guy changed from that clear blue day we went from this beautiful day to Darkness a matter fact at one point after the collapse you can even see the hand in front of your face he was the first Battalion Fire Chief to arrive in enter the North Tower he heard the fire was above the 70th floor he would order the team to head up that seems it would send up would include his brother Lieutenant Kevin Pfeiffer we looked at each other wondering if we’re both going to be okay and as he turned around and took his firefighters that was the last time I saw her brother Kevin Kevin say anything to you know if we didn’t have to we knew we were worried that each other the cheap shows me what are the dispatch call slips from that morning you see the date September 11th 2001 right here on the ticket that this one went out at 9:08 correct we would calling multiple tip salons so we were bringing almost a thousand people to the World Trade Center ever since Apartments counterterrorism efforts and preparedness his coat and helmet on display at the Smithsonian and elsewhere around the country and on the far right there behind the helmet that’s his brothers fire tool that was recovered it was right beside him or he was found the 9th floor at Downey heard my message to evacuate the building and then you stopped on the 9th floor and to redirect firefighters from one stairs to the safest says so he was able to get other firefighters not at all Now 37 years after joining the FDNY he retires and where else but in Queens instead of chasing fires chasing his granddaughter and sailing something he’ll of Doom with his brother and his memories will be there in spirit and the last fire chief to respond to the World Trade Center that’s faithful morning now going home to see thank you for proud of you and thank you for your service thank you we still do cheap flight for every one of those firefighters okay answer the call that day including his brother goodnight thanks for checking on the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
He sent firefighters, including his brother, into the tower to evacuate after the first plane hit.



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