Firefighters learn lessons from catastrophic wildfire season

until last year this was a forest filled with life now to Barron clear-cut it’s dusty it’s dirty everybody goes home at night there black so yeah with the new Bart being burnt in some cases it burns right into the fiber worthless this area known as a cut block is about a thousand Hector’s normally be logged in small chunks over 10 or 20 years now they’re trying to harvest the whole thing in less than one year now it’s just devastate this would have been a long-term job and now it’s turned into you know a year and it’s all going to be gone forcing us to head to clear catalog at all and think about I guess the impact afterward This research for set up by the University of British Columbia is in fire recovery one new fear and explosion of tree killing bugs can I spank inner bark that’s what the Beatles are looking for when they killing healthy trees now we take beetles that was already quite large add Prime habitat with weather conditions if they’re right this summer it could be a very large epidemic and I’ll break horse next to the runway lessons on how removing potential fuel ahead of time so the fire to save buildings on this sign has been thinned and although it burnt it burnt much lower intensity than that side where they hadn’t been any sending so spend now to protect communities or pay much more during catastrophic fire Seasons we just need to get on with the job in a more concerted effort aftermath of a tough season in the woods red Rasmussen CBC news near Williams Lake BC
Firefighters in B.C. are learning lessons from last year’s catastrophic wildfire season. More than half a billion dollars in damage was done, and experts are predicting a similar wildfire season this year.

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