Firefighters killed fighting flames in Ontario and California

we are tracking a number of active wildfires burning across North America including deadly fires in Northern California and Northwestern Ontario now that deadly fire is burning near Red Lake Ontario and efforts to connect and those Flames killed one firefighter Alberta firefighter Jerry gadwa travel to join the battle against the Red Lake Fire these are pictures of some of the Towering claims like the ones he was fighting their dad what was one of over 200 Alberta firefighters deployed to help other provinces the majority of those are in Ontario and Alberta Premier Rachel notley has offered her condolences to God was family smoke from Ontario’s Parry Sound fire is now drifting into back and win today we’ll continue to push heavy smoke along Highway 69 to the south of Red Lake another growing fire has led to evacuation orders for several Cottage Country regions South of the Border in California two people have died battling a fast-moving Wildfire north of Sacramento a firefighter and a bulldozer operator were killed while fighting those flames people so far have been treated for respiratory and Byrne related injuries 38,000 people have been forced from their homes CBS news reporter Carter Evans is tracking the latest from Redding California Wildfire it was burning since Monday and it has grown significantly in size I’m standing in the middle of a neighborhood that was wiped out on Thursday evening this was a row of homes now you can see they’ve been burned to the ground it’s pretty unrecognizable here you got a car I’m actually inside what was the garage of this home the rest of the home unfortunately there’s nothing salvageable what’s been driving these fires or high winds and high temperatures just a couple of days the temperature here in Reading was 110 degrees you couple that with the high winds and all it takes is a spark as you know to get these wildfires going in so that’s what firefighters have been dealing with they thought they had this fire away from home a couple of days ago but on Thursday it turned in headed towards reading a community of 90,000 people it actually jumped over the Sacramento River before it got into this neighborhood here it has burned hundreds of home so far and fast sons of people are still evacuated but firefighters are hoping they can start to make some progress on the fire because the winds are beginning to die down there were expecting to Tasha those 100-degree temperatures for the next week or so seen around you what exactly is feeling this fire well there’s a lot of dry brush around here California’s been in a drought 4 years you couple that with the hundred degree temperatures I’ve been talking about and a little bit of win and it doesn’t take much to get this going firefighters think they know how this fire started it was a broken down car on the side of the road and then that gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with here all it takes is a spark and fan those flames and you could end up something like this
Firefighters in Ontario and California have been killed while fighting flames from growing wildfires. To read more:

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