Fatal shooting at newspaper building in Maryland

sources are telling CNN that there have been multiple injuries and fatalities a shooting in Annapolis Maryland that’s the capital of Maryland about an hour outside of Washington DC the shooting was at the newspaper they’re the Capital Gazette police log her saying one individual is in custody but they are still saying it is an active shooter situation they are making sure that there is no other shooter before they give the all-clear I want to bring back since Josh Campbell the former FBI supervisory special agent in Joshua very vivid descriptions are from the Capital Gazette a crime reporter Phil Davis talking about what it was like being in The Newsroom hiding under his desk after his colleagues had been shot hearing the shooter reload hi Jay, we hear from Witnesses in these types of incident we’ve heard from them before and never is easy to hear the the Panic the chaos that ensues and one thing that’s important remember is although your workplaces will prepare for these types of incidence we’ve seen the uptick in the number of active shooter programs that are put up big put on nothing prepares you for that actual moment where you know something happens and now it’s you had that fight or flight reaction we always talk about the Run 5 fighter hide methodology this now being used and having to go through that go to hear a lot of those stories and again there’s still a lot that we don’t know as far as what took place in The Newsroom the fact that this is a new business means you have people that are going to collecting information and pushing that out so they will hear about it and will continue to hear those details one thing that’s also interesting as we look at the other response it’s taking place right now to both from Witnesses and obviously the police is you know there’s a lot that goes into this type of training that we don’t see any law enforcement agencies will work together they’ll train together we heard you mentioned earlier that one of the medical facilities is at indicated that they were received at least one patient I will need types of incidents go out medical facilities are now part of this response plan don’t get that initial word that you know we have a crisis situation be prepared to take casualties to take patience and you know it appears as if we have one person that was then transported will probably see or bad as is none of the injuries or two we hear more about them in the resolved and then one thing I can say is when the police actually get to the point where the rate to brief the press and brief the public will learn those additional details but right now I think the focus is on clearing that building and then we’ll get additional details about took place inside
Maryland police say there was a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper building in Annapolis, Maryland.

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