Extended Cut: The ‘Quietest Place In America’ | NBC Nightly News

closer so much better right now we are in Olympic National Park this is Gordon Hampton he has made it his life’s work to find peace and quiet where we at where is the quietest place in America and the reason why this is so quiet soft in the corner of the United States write the valley which is a v is pointed towards the Pacific Ocean with no City towns anything like this the closest highway no it’s 18 miles from where we were standing right now and even further as we go on so the only threat to one square inch of Silence the quietest place in the United States least noise polluted is aircraft but I hope to change that someone order for a place to be this quiet because the distance of a loud noise event such as a passing jet or Jenner that can travel under common conditions like this for 20 miles will think of that a circle with a radius of 20 miles that’s over 1200 square miles are being consumed by a single loud noise so in order to have this experience that we are right now we need to have the whole Olympic Park which is roughly 1,400 square miles oh gosh well it varies depending on how the river is flowing in the background but it’s as quiet as the recording studio it can be 23 decibels piece of information that I hope you can hear but it’s right at our threshold of hearing the murmur of insect wings that’s telling us you know how much is In Bloom right now right and that murmur of insect Wings a reflection of nectar and food value coming from the it also like Birdsong one of the primary indicators of prosperous environments here and the whole valley is the greatest productivity any other do you think we forgotten how to be quiet oh yes I mean we’ve become a nation of shouters but quiet is quieting so when you go to a quiet place listen to our talk you know it’s like a church here isn’t it you know you don’t you don’t talk normally in church Elizabeth Sacred Space a little time with silence where you can feel the presence of everything as if you become restored so nature listening also makes you a better listener two people a better you won scratch free to walk right through that tree but don’t talk play NBC News Vans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here I click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Gordon Hempton wants to keep forests free from artificial noise. He takes NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz on a tour of Washington’s Olympic National Park to find “One Square Inch of Silence.”
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Extended Cut: The ‘Quietest Place In America’ | NBC Nightly News

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