Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page will not appear before lawmakers

special counsel Robert Mueller today her with documents they said they would always more on this story now is CBS News Washington Correspondents Paula Reid so before we got into this Lisa Page is they read her text messages not know who she is that’s why she is a former FBI attorneys no longer works at the bureau she left over the summer but during her time of the bureau she briefly worked on this special counsel investigation and during her time of the bureau she exchange tens of thousands text messages when your coworker Peter struck in the special counsel probe and had a leadership role on the Clinton server investigation and the text messages that these two exchange have become a political Flashpoint derogatory and disparaging of then-candidate trump you look at these text messages they were for today in Canada Trump as a quote idiot they talk about being in a Walmart smell of the Trump supporters and Paige whether or not Trump can actually be or get elected and struck tries to Tamp that down saying no don’t worry about it there’s a plan in place we won’t let that happen so these exchanges have come under enormous political and legal scrutiny a reason questions do people about the Integrity of both the Clinton email probe and the special counsel investigation is on the up-and-up by the office of Inspector General is already issued a 500-page report looking at this is concluded that these to their political bias as if they had any of the Clinton email investigation outstanding question what if any impact this could have had on the Russia probe I think what you’re going to see her as you were going to see people especially the president appears to be from these text messages I just staying for the president two people who worked on the special counsel prove to anyone who wants to undermine or undermind even go out come of that investigation they are going to try to point to her as an example of how the special counsel investigation is biased against the president and the president has truck specifically that this is a quote which aren’t so well I’m trying to Rack my brain to think I think she’s the only person who was out and out refused to testify in front of any of these committees and other people showed up and maybe not answer question but just not showing she might be the only one you can correct me if you wanted to know more about the scope was going to be asked about any documents attorney said last night look we’re not going to show up for this we can do this at a later date after my client is appropriately prepared so I think you’re going to see a different spin Nation other people are going to say look no good attorney is going to let their client walk into a situation like this proper preparation and we saw that we will see him on the hill what will likely be a very bruising public hearing clearly the president and his Allied I’m going to try to hammer him on what he meant when he told Lisa Page not to worry then Canada Trump would never get elected and there was a plan in place of course all of his his criticism for candidate Trump tens of thousands of their text messages between these two even have a kind word for anyone any that it’s almost as if they didn’t know there are Haitian two of them really you would think that they would have use more Care on and how they were discussing the subject of these investigation the lapse between when they first found out there were additional emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer relevant to the Clinton investigation and when they actually took action which of course press all those developments into this the days before the election Democrats are going to want to know why why did you do why did that take so long why was this handled the way it was and I had to ask mr. Stokes attorney why would he want to go into this kind of hearing this is going to be a bloodbath the most experience counterintelligence investigators at the justice department defend himself I’ve also spoken with sources who worked with him on these probes and ask them directly whether or not he was in anyway working to prevent then Canada Trump from getting elected and they told me that is absolute nonsense have been sort of the butt of a number of jokes and memes I can see why he would want to get his version of the story telling their story I’m sure her attorney will be watching very closely and taking detailed notes oh absolutely and this is perhaps one of the most egregious examples of hay on the front page of the New York Times and don’t put it in an email you did
Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s lawyer said in a statement Tuesday that she will not appear for an interview Wednesday with House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee. CBS News’ Paula Reid has more on the latest developments.

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