EU leaders reach migration deal, now the hard part begins

yogasphere the beer gardens in Munich on a Friday afternoon in a long way away from the failure European union leaders they’re only managed to avoid everything a deal on migration however in the wee hours of the morning but divisions between EU member states on this subject I’ve been pulling at the seams of the union for years now and it best this agreement is aspirational just listen to the European Council president Donald Tusk described it different leaders emphasized different points Poland is Happy Refugee quotas will be voluntary Austria’s applauding proposals for migrant screening centers detention Camp say critics in Africa Germany has been promised it will be harder for so-called secondary asylum-seekers to move around something Angela Merkel Coalition Partners or pressuring her to deliver many bavarians in particular worry that germ I will continue to be a draw for migrants because they believe they’ll be entitled to Greater social benefits here than in other EU countries not everyone in Germany believes migration is a problem the number of Asylum claims have dropped dramatically across the EU yes we had a problem 2 years ago there was so many coming we wanted to do the right thing is still think it’s the right thing to give home and asriel 2-2 all that people there’s no unity in Europe and its only Germany and France to try to speak and all the the Eastern Europe countries don’t want to pull up pull up the same rope in Munich city that was mostly destroyed during the second world war in these troubling for those who remember why the European Union was created to begin with open cbcnews Munich the migration issue is a pending Party politics across Europe threatening to collapse governments for some the feeling is still one of Crisis but as you heard Margaret mention the facts of chain clear sense of urgency when was a year of panic desperation and death the Northerners and still they are driven to take such Extreme Measures because it genuinely was a crisis that you’re more than a million asylum-seekers crossed by C into Europe but the total last year 170,000 so far this year 45000 the numbers have buy an order of magnitude so this is largely about the Asylum Seekers Europe has already absorbed in Germany for example there is anxiety about potential immigrant crime the gruesome rape and murder of a 14 year old student allegedly Vienna Rocky asylum-seeker thing is statistically fears of a crime wave scene overblown violent crime did rise in 2015 and 26 but now it’s falling again in Germany last year Crimes by non-nationals fell by 23% and crime overall in the country hit its lowest level in 25 years but is this isn’t real immigration crisis it’s definitely a political one with no end in sight
European Union leaders worked overnight to reach a deal on migration, however the European Council is cautioning that the hard part — actually implementing the agreement — is just beginning.

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