EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s problems keep mounting

Scott Pruitt has been the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for almost a year-and-a-half he’s outlasted and number of top staffers including a national security advisor Health and Human Services secretary Secretary of State and Veterans Affairs secretary some departures from the White House have been voluntary other step down because of scandals and some were fired because of clashes with President Trump but somehow mr. poo it has managed to stay on the presidents is long list of scandals include living in the condo connected to a fossil fuels lobbyist multimillion-dollar spending on security and airfare having a $43,000 soundproof phone booth and ask still Tina use mattress at a discounted price from one of President Trump’s hotel it’s only Tuesday but we’re already staying new reports about Pruitt this week the Washington Post is Pruitt Afton Aid to help him find job with a $200,000 salary or his wife and political report the EPA administrator placed a former political fundraising Ally in charge of an office that handles Freedom of Information Act request for Pruitt’s office what president Trump said about Pruitt last month is doing a great job within the records outside he’s being attacked very graciously by the press and I’m not saying that he’s Timeless but we’ll see what happens. Sabrina Siddiqui is a cbs.n political contributor and political reporter for the guardian and Nick Johnson is editor-in-chief of axios he is doing it from Washington well so let me start with you when President Trump says we’ll see what happens that’s typically not a vote of confidence axios has put together a list of stop food scandals road is it that he still has a job well you got to listen to the first part of that sentence what time is it in Trump says got fruit is doing great job within the walls of the EP I think that’s what’s most important the agenda that’s got promoted Implement think that conservatives laws changing the regulation in the EPA a lot of the things you and Mom are the Obama administration had been allies on the hill and remember Donald Trump is a unique present in that he is solely the decider but as long as he’s saying he likes got proof Scott Pruett’s going to stay the only thing I watch for when Congress comes back if the pressure gets too much they’re out of town this week so it hasn’t been a lot of noise from them chance we could be president Trump Scott Pruitt Independence during this holiday week well I think that the president likes gotprint personally which as we know is a major indicator of someone’s fate within this Administration president Trump reported to be weighed Scottrade of the potential replacement for attorney general Jeff sessions with him he has had an increasingly contentious relationship it’s also notable as Nick point out that there a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill who have not abandoned Scott Pruitt yet but more difficult of course when that damn brakes when they’re more members of the president’s own party for saying that Scott Pruitt must go for now it’s predominantly Democrats and just a couple of members that Republican members of the house I think also in part because it has a lot of play the now we’re going to have to weigh a vacancy for the Supreme Court and I don’t think is going to be a lot of appetite to have to hold a hearing and to confirm a new administrator to the EPA the question of course is Aziz Revelations continue to unfold does that change calculus because if there’s one thing give me so she might want to do it put to bed more and more unflattering a headlines about one of the most important agencies it within the administration pictures of Laura Ingraham was calling for Scott Pruitt to to go and we know that the president a couple members of the House and Senate we saw that the side start to break where they answer to call into question Pruitt’s 10-year and some of these scandals that are surrounding him but then you know that was going to be coming drumbeat on the hill didn’t become a drum beat on the hill and so without that pressure from the hill as long as when the president is doing good job I think he’s going to keep his job send Scott Pruitt regulatory agenda is a big part of that thing that the president the president allies want done they get along as Sabrina headlines on that so who can know it conversations with Pyongyang are going well what do we know so far about where talks are headed especially when it comes to denuclearization North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon they’re still haven’t been any Clarity on whether or not pee on Yang is willing to dismantle its nuclear weapons program and that really is the key to any deal that would be struck between the two country understanding from Talking sources of ministration is that part of this a trip with a for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to really try and move the needle on a path toward denuclearization we still don’t really have a clear sense of what concessions the US has been willing to put forward some of the preconditions for a framework it still seems that the meeting between Trump and Kim Jeong Hoon was very much a high profile photo certainly unprecedented that goes without saying but we still haven’t really had any details regarding what negotiations are underway and and what realistically can be achieved with respect to denuclearize ation as you as you ask time that President Trump is preparing for another Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this month now those are Trump reportedly sent letters to NATO countries say they need to step up their spending and you know NATO was formed the right to counter aggression by what was then the Soviet Union so now you have a very visible crack here or what would appear to the invisible crack in this NATO alliance attention play out president Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin diplomats the G7 Summit AT very contentious where he was tweeting afterwards attacking Justin Trudeau but the European did wasn’t very worried about it something like that happening at the NATO meeting with all of those western-allied followed by Trump going to see Vladimir Putin later that week and health friendly well put together a sort of event there’s a lot of tension there it is very alarmingly during the campaign you went off of that sort of attack NATO and NATO allies not spending enough they don’t hit those that 2% budget Target he’s concerned he’s there looking at both the intelligence community that Russia had a preference for Trump in 2016 How likely is it that election that lane comes up in their talks Lighthouse said publicly that election meddling did not come up during that conversation at a time when there is a federal investigation into Russian meddling in the election when to actually three committees in Congress between about the intelligence committees in the House and Senate and the Judiciary Committee in the Senate over also examining potential contacts between the Trump campaign in Moscow so as to whether it’s president Trump is going to ask Vladimir Putin but we already know that that President Trump considers any conversation around Russian meddling in the u.s. election to be an attack on his legitimacy so is that he takes it very personally and it’s not something that he has shown any seriousness about when his own into she said testified on Capitol Hill that there is not a clear plan to prevent Russia from interfering in future election election such as the upcoming and November midterm the use of chemical weapons there as we know after the chemical weapons and tactics couple months ago when they were retaliatory strike stop by the US and its allies the president declined to impose new sanctions on Russia for its role in propping up stop being so that’s another point to watch but also where the president shied away from confrontation with Vladimir Putin Face the Nation and in fact in his meeting with Vladimir Putin acknowledge that there was meddling but did not say that it was the Russian State and that President Trump would be following up on that I was an interesting thing that came out of that Converse what did you make about you remember that President Obama reportedly told him to knock it off then that the meddling in the election is not done in ministration is not done at all Sabrina discussion above this issue to delegitimize the president’s election and of course Play Sia shoes because that’s how the conclusion they’ve been that there was meddling doesn’t tip the election one way or the other but with the Trump Administration doesn’t want to do is talk about that Sabrina Siddiqui and Nick Johnston happy Fourth of July really to Yuba thank you thank you
There are new reports this week about EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s growing list of scandals. CBSN political contributor and political reporter for the Guardian Sabrina Siddiqui and Axios editor-in-chief Nick Johnston joined “Red and Blue” to discuss whether President Trump may grant Pruitt independence this holiday week.

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