Editor details accused shooter’s troubling threats and rants

from a former editor of the Capital Gazette and I’m quoting now the capitol like all these papers angry people everyday in his pursuit of the news in my day people protested by writing letters to the editor today it’s through the barrel of a gun stop. Quote came from Tom Mark Huerta a friend and former colleague of the victims of the shooting is joining us now thanks so much our deepest condolences to you Tom I know you’re the former editor and publisher of the capital what was your immediate reaction when you’re heard this awful awful is retarded and after all this time I’ve had to really think about it but no first there is a desk set with that some people who you were very close to what we worked alongside of 4 and some cases decades and people who your heart and then on top of that comes to news that the shooter was somebody who you also do not by sight not personally but through the record and so you know it was one whammy after another quite frankly paper enormous credit they did put out an addition today the front page as the pictures of the five who were killed how important was it that you believe time for the staffers there to put out a newspaper on this day well I think it’s very important because it demonstrates that through thick or thin no matter what happens they don’t lose sight of the mission and you know I’m extremely proud of them the most important I don’t know because there was a turnover after I left but I mean they speak for anybody who is in the business that the objective is to put on a newspaper and get the story right and I’m sure they did the paper that they put out today was nothing short of a miracle it was tattoo they suffered through their grief and they suffer through just trying to cope with the tragedy and still got a cogent newspaper out and fulfill their mission you actually did cross paths with this not personally but you were name that has defamation suit against the newspaper that was later thrown out by a judge buddy he specifically threatened a lot of folks at the newspaper including yourself right tell us about that the after the lawsuit was filed unlike most people most planners they don’t speak to the price for fear of jeopardizing our case but what made this case weird is he continued to rant on social media about what he thought it was and how we affected his wife and how dishonest we were it wasn’t just cogent comment but it was rant Anthony that that there were a lot of veiled threats some of which were really difficult to the shape he didn’t you never said I will kill you what he was saying is I wish you would stop breathing or I wish you were dead and then post a photo of former boss who had just died so that mean you didn’t take much to read into it that it was a threat against me so threat against the reporter is a threat against the staff in the paper about his being charged with criminal harassment he was given probation he pleaded guilty the judge referred to him as bizarre and call the case extreme did you believe at the time though that he was physical threat to you and others at the newspaper when the story was written by the reporter I mean we we we had a very factual story about what he had done and there’s no question if you read that story that hit his motions were extreme I mean the woman who he was talking I felt personally threatened and feel she lost her job because of what he had done so I mean just looking at that I think anybody in the right mind would find evidence of somebody who really had some mental issues and I think that all that came out pursuant to the case that he filed and we were seeing evidence of that and it’s posting and you did go to the police that’s correct I mean we were we were taking the better because we felt that if we had made as much of an issue as we could about this that we would actually the flame mr. Ramos and that he would retaliate against us at the time so he was advising us to let the courts take this case on and let it run to the court without us making an income I’m here in a newspaper or personally so you know when it came to some of these threats to the last two that I had mentioned I thought he had crossed the line and being fearful of of of what he could do to us I am I family in the newspaper I thought the most prudent course was the contact the police got involved in it there was a conference call the police had gone out to talk to but came back and didn’t think that the evidence merited any kind of a charge would I Apollo yes it was it was I disappointed extremely so in my mind I lame is mine the threat against my life and it’s right against the people who were working for me they felt however in their professional opinion at the evidence wasn’t there so you know we had to file whatever their advice was at that point we have done more wraps and we could have taken out a restraining order and I’ll but we felt again that that would only antagonize things and make it worse quite frankly I’m looking back at it now I think had we taking that course and become more aggressive I think it would just provoke him to take a nap earlier than what he did roll of making sure that the staff we’re of what was happening, discussion in The Newsroom we gave him a photo in the Ceramics and Casey would enter The Newsroom and again this isn’t a different building so it’s not the same building and also we had given up to the front with my personal instruction that if anybody that resemble him would come through the door that they were to call nine-one-one and our own security show from the standpoint of realizing a threat I think we assessed appropriately and unfortunately it was an accurate perception taking a closer look at security and learning some lessons for what occurred in Annapolis and I’m sure they’re going to be Consulting with you down Road as well what the what are the lessons that all of us should learn from this so horrible situation while I still have a lot of time but I know you were close with four of the five victims and give me a thought about each let’s start with Bob high as Bob Harrison who I didn’t work with for a long time he had just come recently just before a retired but Bob was an incredible mentor to people in The Newsroom young reporters young at I mean he was a calming voice in that Newsroom also an aspiring voice and Incredibly gifted writer with a sense of humor and it’s difficult to write humor Good Humor but there is calm he definitely did that but he was he was just a joy to be what about the Wendy Winters when he Winter’s an incredible person who I had hard just to do your typical Community news stories are there freelance stories involving everything from the soap box derby to a local cook contest news stories that were inconsequential but we’re well-read because we’re a local newspaper is she wrote so much that she became the most prolific writer in The Newsroom and we heard her on as a reporter but very Charming person who would I’ll bring me another piece in The Newsroom cake every Christmas time so very friendly to the staff really wanted to immerse yourself in in New Journalism certainly was not ready retard John McNamara was a die-hard that chirps fan of covering Turf sports like covering of the capitals hockey team actually left a newspaper for a couple years missed it came back in persevered all sorts of layoffs ownership changes and declining readership and took on extra responsibilities just to keep his job there Go Fishin with character everything that you’ve heard about him was it was right on the button I mean he’s a guy who wore a cardigan sweater and a tie to work everyday very proud of what he did unassuming shy introverted try to get on Jeopardy twice and failed the guy who could turn pro is like anybody ever seen was certainly capable of writing great editorials for major Metropolitan newspapers but love his position at the Capitol assistant but aren’t deepest deepest condolences to her family to her friends to all of the family and friends of these victims they certainly did not deserve what happened yesterday at 10. Thanks so much for joining us and we appreciate your thoughts thank you love
Former editor and publisher of the Capital Gazette newspaper Tom Marquardt discusses the threats accused gunman Jarrod Warren Ramos made against employees at the newspaper.

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