Economic turmoil fuels protests in Iran

we’re following the latest and Ron were more protests are expected demonstrations erupted over the weekend in Tehran and then spread to more cities business owners are demanding economic reforms and regime change currency has weekend as the economy suffer more on this now we want to bring in Benin been telling blue he’s a research fellow at the foundation for defense of democracies and it’s with me now from Washington and Venom thanks for joining us so through some of the latest round of protest with covered this before but why are these protests so significant will these photos which begins Sunday slash Monday are the latest outpouring of discontent by the society against the state and more importantly buy bizarrice men merchants of the lower-middle-class who work in the in the realm of the economy and engage in trade and it was the buzz our class particularly the tavern on Grand Bazaar that sided with the clergy in 1978 1979 helped overthrow daylight Shaw and basically install the Islamic Republic and when this class which is part of the regime social base rise up you know there’s a problem so then they have they have seen in the past our government to change what is the expectation in terms of how the powers-that-be will deal with them will we see change over the past two decades the bazaars business and political clout has been eclipsed by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps there numerous members veterans Banks and businesses that are basically running the running state from behind the scenes so these institutions like the bazaar already been eclipsed so they are pouring out into the streets of the measure of their frustration as well as to protest the economic situation it again be up to the Iranian people but for the past 8 months different segments of running Society have been pouring out toucan the state based on select issues and it’s impossible to say that none of this is political because this is all distinctly political nuclear deal but does that decision have an impact here the four pieces of legislation that contain nuclear sanctions on Iran as was escorting the pace Treasury Department designations on the Islamic Republic will have an effect on the running economy the goal of course is to get her on back to negotiating table and to get a genuinely comprehensive deal that deals with all elements of the Iranian threat be a nuclear missile military terrorism human rights and when everything else at the jcpoa nuclear deal unfortunately did not do that the economy you know it’s the least of these longer public that have for 40 years have been saying our bad economy is a product of Western sanctions what western sanctions were not at this heavy in 1979 they were not even this heavy in 2006 Winter on Snoop fathers were first refer to the security Council there was only 2010 to 2013 what I called the sanctions incubation period that began to have a net effect on Iran’s economy these sanctions are heavy they will have an affect the neurons economy on Iran’s oil exports in as well as running Banking and business but it seems logical public that is continue to put regime interest ahead of national interest Andy sanctions will force them to a choice again domestic issues Less on the international issues in the regional issues is that likely to happen I present juncture know but there is sustained pressure on the regime From Below about its Regional portfolio in ways that we’ve never seen before usually the formula death to blank is only Shattered by the artist of the hardliners in Iran but now people who actually dislike the regime are targeting causes of the regime they’re saying that the Syria death Palestine not because they don’t like the syrians are Palestinians they don’t like how these longer public is putting its Wars in Syria and Palestine I had everyone’s national interests you can say this is something of a Renaissance for running nationalism happening Ben 10 Ben taleblu and Washington thank you
More protests are expected in Iran after unrest erupted over the weekend in Tehran. Business owners are demanding economic reforms. Behnam Ben Taleblu, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, takes CBSN through the latest.

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