Doug Ford sworn in as premier of Ontario

my friend’s a new day will Dawn in Ontario opportunity seven under liberal Kathleen win the key Finance portfolio goes to Vic fedeli who held the party together when the former leader Patrick Brown was forced out I think that’s just a fabulous start Christine Elliott is a veteran MVP in the Widow of former Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty she takes over the big-budget health Ministry We Stand by that I Caroline mulrooney and the daughter of a former prime minister Caroline mulrooney will put her legal training to use as Attorney General engine of this great country and regulations that whole business is back there are lots of opinions on what Ford show then we’ll do it here or conservative perspective I a strategist Chad Rogers if Premier Ford can deliver on his promise for lower taxes and greater Prosperity well it’s been said that Ontario is the engine of cat Canada’s economy and I think Doug Ford understands if that’s his first job is to get the Ontario economy going again creating jobs spring investment and the first thing he’s directly in control of cutting costs for small businesses and regular ontarians I think you’re going to see an urgent cut to the gas tax and I think fairly soon we’re going to hear about how he’s implementing a small business tax cut corporate tax cut and middle income tax cut between a fall economic statement and a budget in the new year doing believe why a lot of people voted for him to maybe that’s the easy part what about the connection between those Kotzen and jump starting the economy well when you cut the gas taxes and you cut income tax right away you throw it off a lot of money Kennedy economy posted individual ontarians can spend and that small and medium-sized businesses are paying in taxes and he’s committed to keep those promises this year I think that’s why we’re going to see him bring back the legislature fairly quickly and why he’s put so many experienced hands and Senior economic portfolio all right and in terms of the rest of the country now is people watch this what impact will Premier Ford have on them well I think it goes to a conference going to be a pretty uncomfortable issue around the table and he’s going to have to figure out how away from cap-and-trade he’s announce that Ontario’s departing from that exchange and he’s going to have to come up with a replacement button turns the Ontario economy he’s going to cut taxes right away which is going to put some creative pressure some competitive pressure for around the table thanks for yours
Doug Ford was sworn in today as premier of Ontario, on the promise of unshackling the province’s economy by cutting taxes and regulations that hold businesses back. The National spoke to strategist Chad Rogers on whether Premier Ford can deliver.

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