Doug Ford strikes deal to oust Hydro One CEO and board

Ontario finger Doug Ford held a last-minute news conference earlier this hour to announce that the Hydro One CEO and board are out for filling a campaign promise of the PCS joining me now from Queens Park in Toronto with the latest is the cdc’s Mike Crawley hey Mike thanks explain this announcement to us short notice of a news conference from Premier Doug Ford and it’s the first time he’s spoken to the media in an actual news conference since he was sworn in as premier the first news conference in three weeks then it started to emerge that this was about Hydro One now during the election campaign you’ll recall that one of his most often repeated promises I’ve pretty much every campaign event was if he would firewood he called The Six Million Dollar Man that’s the CEO of Hydro One Nao Schmidt who earned sick laying box in salary and benefits of last year for Hydro One which is the electricity transmission company here in Ontario so this would be something he would do on day one is Premier didn’t quite happen that way or what are we now at 11 I think so he’s managed to do this in a different sort of way so what’s happened is the board actors are all going to be gone they are resigning Schmidt himself is retiring effective today and then it’s going to be a whole new board appointed they will find a new CEO and other government because the government owns not quite 50% of the the 501 they will actually get to a .4 of the 10 directors Bashi Monday what items are on the immediate agenda or rights for government said that there are three key things that they want to try to accomplish here in the legislature so that they want to legislate an end to the strike at York universe they want to cancel a wind power project in Prince Edward County that got approved during the election campaign and they also want to repeal cap-and-trade the cap-and-trade legislation that’s going to be really interesting because they’ve already signaled that they’re ending cap-and-trade so they’re ending Integris participation in the cap-and-trade carbon Market we know that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s going to impose a carbon tax actual Target if they repeal that carbon carpentry legislation Ontario’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions are actually embedded rate in that legislation so that’s where we’re going to be watching for it are they going to actually step away from Ontario’s commitment under the Paris climate change agreement from what they talked about any during the election campaign in which of the election campaign promises that they talked about are not mentioned in the speech from the throne because look at the tone of went with urithi we have been talking about this being Ontario’s first government for the people are they going to talk about that in this because it’d be interesting hearing that from the lieutenant Governor’s lips like in Toronto
Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government has struck a deal to oust Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt and the entire board of directors. To read more:

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