Doug Ford plan to slash Toronto city council sparks protests

Just 4 weeks into the job and Ontario Premier Doug Ford is whipping up a political firestorm in Canada’s biggest city his plan to slash the number of counselors in Toronto by almost half a spark Division and anger hundreds turned out last night to protest the proposed Jacob both inside and outside City Hall they call the reduction in seats for counselors from 40s 225 undemocratic now coming up I’ll speak with Robert benzi from the Toronto Star he was the one who broke the story I’ll talk to him what the impact of this move could be stay with us for that car iStation who knew about this in advance because it has been suggested that somebody knew about this in advance and didn’t bring it to our attention and the problem is the problem is we were not given an opportunity if if we weren’t in this meeting today that’s our 50th cancel if we had scheduled a meeting here today we would have had no ability to debate it no ability to debate this she was about a 50-second discussion at that I had that went nowhere and it gave me no and it gave me no indication whatsoever to do anything and I think you should be ashamed of yourself when you get up in the shape of you to me in this place you can add me in this place YouTube need me but more importantly you demean yourself when you get up and call my Integrity into question and apologize to me and to this chamber for getting up and then that kind of that that that way where you’re just kind of implying it but not saying it and say it strong words Toronto’s mayor and from City councilors but it’s not just politicians who are speaking out protesters around at City Hall to make their voices heard Megan Roberts is swallowing that part of the story for us and you’re looking at all those videos you can see that it’s a chaotic scene describe it for us but we know in city council chambers it is actually reached full capacity there were so many people that were inside wanting to watch that actually spilled outside of Chambers and there were a few other tents you can see here people are actually shoting they’re shutting shame they’re booing the city council in the counselors and the mayor you can see them pointing there so there was some tense moments inside and there were tense moments outside as well as protesters gathered that one of the people outside was Jen Hall it she’s running for City councillor in this election she was outside with the protesters she says that their message was clear that this happened in an undemocratic way because there were no consultation she says it’s calling causing chaos and confusion I have not been informed of anything so we’re assuming right now because there is no legislation even proposed or tables yet but we’re just continue what are camping and that when you were 21 exist I mean candidates are running in Wards of the Premier says will not exist it’s very confusing it’s extremely chaotic so Hollow they’re saying it’s confusing and this is what prompted this massive protests outside of City Hall a hundreds of people outside chanting and then talking about what had been going on now we mentioned that Jennifer Holliday said that this was a thing that happened was undemocratic she told CBC news that and this is a message that we saw it from protesters as well no matter which side people were coming down on whether they supported cutting City councilors or whether they wanted them to stay at their current numbers there were a number of people that concerned over how this was done unilaterally and by the premier of Ontario not by city council by the mayor or certainly not initiated by anyone in Toronto and heat Toronto citizens Natasha so where does city council go from here there are few options we know that Toronto mayor John Tory had mentioned a referendum and I was emotionally made in city council calling on Ontario to hold a binding referendum about this additional inside of that referendum was not how you wanted it to be it is a question on the ballot for those upcoming municipal election this year there were other city councilors that were calling to check into whether or not this was legal there was any legal action they could take calling to check into whether this was constitutional but some City councilors support this is certainly it’s something that’s Up For Debate in Council let’s hear what some of the counselors had to say three main reasons why we support decision was made today number one it’s going to be better decision-making at City Hall and I think that benefits torontonians as a whole number two we’re going to save money and it goes beyond just counselor salaries and number 3 it’s a fair vote weird that the premier has decided that he is going to try and run the city of Toronto so we’ve got provincial politics at play we’ve got Municipal politics and we’ll have to wait until Monday to see no more things shake out because Monday is when Toronto City Council reconvenes
Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s move to cut Toronto’s city council nearly in half in the midst of its election campaign has sparked tense debate among councillors and outcry from protesters.

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