Doug Ford: City hall is a comedy show where nothing gets done

when Doug Ford was at Toronto City councillor he and his brother mayor Rob Ford wage the pitched battle against most of the city’s elected representatives Rob Ford crack-smoking admission and other scandals let’s City police description of much of his mayoral power the Ford Brothers often called for Council to be cut in half today is Premier Ford is forcing the issue it is the most dysfunctional political arena in the country City the reason is so dysfunctional we have 44 people trying to make a decision board himself ran for mayor of Toronto and lost in 2014 the man who beat him Mayor John Tori is . that Ford surprise announcement what we don’t need and what I just can’t support is change being rammed down our throats without a single second of public consultation and on top of that done in the middle of the election. It’s fat municipal election is in just 3 months leaving incumbents and hundreds of candidates unsure of where or if they will be running the Optics of Ford’s move raise questions to try and meddle in the Affairs of somebody who defeated you and that’s so that’s what’s happening and I’m sure he’s quite put out and it doesn’t future relations between the city hall in Toronto and the Ford government Ontario’s opposition NDP leader question for his motives as well he is taking Vengeance on his former political opponents he’s behaving in a very mean-spirited way and his bullying approach to politics is odious protesters showed up tonight outside Toronto City Hall while inside the council meeting descended into anger during the debate about the cities response who knew about this in advance because it has been suggested that somebody knew about this in advance and didn’t bring it to our attention that that that you’re just kind of implying it but not saying it says he’s considering the city’s option everything from a referendum to a court challenge Ron Charles CBC News Toronto I just made Way Beyond just Toronto Calgary’s mayor not one to hold back was pretty critical of Ford’s timing and more for you to say to those folks who put their lives on hold only because they want to do public service by the way there you’re running for doesn’t exist anymore it’s unconscionable and I stand with Mary Tori on this and say that is a direct a front on Democracy that is tin pot dictator stuff presentation 25 counselors properly represent the city of almost 3 million and growing counselor would represent about 112000 constituents the closest Canadian comparison Calgary one councillor for every 84000 people and compare that to Montreal which has 65 City Council Members that’s one for every 26 thousand people and that range perhaps is for the point that it doesn’t matter how many counselors the city has good governance will overcome any points to Los Angeles as an example for counselors and we had to vote 2.8 million people roughly we looked at me like we have three heads now Ford is right about La it has 15 City councilors for a population of 4 million that’s one councillor for 265,000 residents but is that mura fish cost-effective well that’s where it gets a little complicated a Los Angeles city council and makes a little over $240,000 Canadian per year 19 staff members who of course are paid and can help manage workload Toronto the average is 3 to 4 staff now on the flip side all of this Ford and his supporters would say this is simply what he was elected to do change things for Ontario and in less than a month on the job he can point to quite a number of major policy changes for starters Ford’s government struck a deal with Ontario’s utility Hydro One which led to its CEO and board Ford is also phasing out Ontario’s cap and trade program which forced large companies to pay for carbon dioxide emission on the education front Ford rollback the sexual education curriculum to the old program one that doesn’t teach about consent gender identity or Online safety and just yesterday media reports suggested he’s going to allow private retailers to sell cannabis once it becomes legal to load things are moving quick and this very likely more to come get some insight on Ford strategy from Jenny rodjeni you’re a senior consultant at Crestview strategy a conservative current provincial understand about how Doug Ford is off always moving quickly cuz he has a mandate to do so the voters elected him to make change and he’s making a lot of change and I think people are going to like it because he’s got this single minded focus on getting things done quickly and making sure that it’s for the people that was his that was his mandate that’s his approach that that’s we sold all his cabinet and that’s the kind of lens that he’s approaching all of its decision-making with can you do it this quickly and in still get it right we don’t see results on the ground people don’t see their got gas prices go down if they don’t see if you were politicians instead of more if they don’t see the size up and call some government going down then we’re not doing things right quickly then they won’t get the Mandate that they ask for so what there could be some risks you know some of these kind of messages are new they’re learning on the job but so long as you see this discipline I think it’s always worth leaning forward as he’s doing and getting results so then set the table for us to attend and look forward for some friends of what you think might be coming down the pipe that that perhaps may have as big of a a splashes is today’s notes they’re moving forward and the big piece that’s coming I think is financial on the budget on the economic statement they looked at the books there they have a commission that’s looking into beside the cost of government Hanford waste that we saw from the last government and I don’t think the reports going to be good and that’s going to mean that they’re going to have to dig in and find those savings but that’s what they were looking forward to it
Ontario Premier Doug Ford called out Toronto city councillors today, calling city hall a comedy show where nothing gets done. Putting his words into action, Ford is cutting the number of Toronto council seats almost in half, sending political shockwaves through the city. Some councillors are challenging this as an attack on democracy, others support it as a way to balance power for the Greater Toronto Area.

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