Doug Ford announces plan to slash number of Toronto councillors

morning everyone thank you very much everybody I want to thank our Minister Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark being here today thank you for the incredible work on this important file Steve my friends I promised we would get Ontario back on track I ran on a commitment to restore accountability and Trust I promise to reduce the size and cost the government M&M their culture of waste and mismanagement in government this is something I thought for a city hall something I continue to believe in today and no one has ever said to me Doug we need more politicians in fact it’s the opposite people tell me that we have too many politicians making it harder to get things done making it harder get things about making it harder to deal with a real problems we Face hours and hours of endless debate and all of it taking place on the taxpayers dime friends it is clear that the size of government is just too large this is particularly true at the municipal level here in the city of Toronto and the region Regional municipalities GTA it is time to reduce the size and cost of Municipal governments starting right here in Ontario we will be introducing legislation that if past will dramatically improve is the decision-making process at Toronto City Hall for too long the people of Toronto have watched city council go around and around and around in circles and failed act on the critical issues facing the city and as a result infrastructure crumbles housing backlogs grow and Transit isn’t built as you see it’s total gridlock in the city but it will only get worse Toronto City Council grows from 44 to 47 counselors more politicians is not the answer no matter who the mayor is and now more than ever City of Toronto needs to get some big things done so we’re going to streamline Toronto City Council we’re going to align tronto with Federal and provincial boundaries instead of 47 answers will be 25 counselors to put things into perspective the city of Los Angeles with almost 14 4 million people I should say has 15 City councilors Toronto has 25 Federal MTS 25 provincial npp’s 25 trundle School trustees 12 sub purple board School trustees and we will have 25 Toronto City councillors and these new boundaries will be effective in time for the fall election this meaningful change will dramatically improve the decision-making process at Toronto City Hall it will make it easier to get things done and are estimates show that having fewer politicians at City Hall will save Toronto taxpayers 25 million dollars and I think Toronto taxpayers will be happy to trade a bunch of politicians at City Hall from millions of dollars that can be reinvested in the cities pressing priorities we are stopping there are proposed legislation will put a pause on changes brought in by the levels in 2016 without any consultation to create a new layer of politicians elected Regional in York peel Niagara in Muskoka the last thing the family’s businesses and Municipal leaders in these regions need is another layer of politicians another layer of dysfunction so we’re going to go back to the way it was before 2016 the other Regional governments will continue to elect the representatives as normal but in York PA my hair green Muskoka we’re going to take a pause we’re going to take some time to figure out what layer government is the best position to tackle the challenges we face because one thing ever politician at every level and I’m in every region needs to remember is that we all share the same boss we all work for the people Steve over to you thank you Premier and thank thank you everybody for joining me I know there’s a lot of details here to digest so let me clarify a couple of points first we’re going to take steps to be fair to the candidates running for Toronto City Council and this first of all our legislation if past will extend the nomination. Until September 14th this new deadline will only apply to Toronto City Council and School Board nominations and it will only apply for the 2018 election election date in Toronto will not be changing it will remain October 22nd and we will make it straightforward and simple for counselors to determine which if any of the new Ward boundaries they want to run will also provide clear condition guidelines with regards to spending limits and reporting to ensure no candidate gets caught offside by those parts of the rules we estimate that this one change will save Toronto taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of twin $5000000 when it comes to the regional governments in New York peel Niagara in Muskoka we are as the premier said taking a pause we’re going to return to the appointed system that existed before 2016 the other more mature Regional governments that were in place in Durham Halton and Waterloo will not be impacted by these changes but what we are going to do during this Paws is take a long look at Regional government across the problems where things have worked and where things happened to figure out what we can do better we’ll start this review informally in our discussions at the upcoming animal conference and will follow up with something more formal in the fall I’ll close by mentioning the both the premier I have backgrounds in municipal government should serve on Toronto City Council I was mayor of Rockville so it doesn’t matter if you are in a rural or Urban municipality what you see time and time again is that the municipal level of government is the closest do the day-to-day lives of most people this is another example of Province getting out of the way and making local government work harder work smarter and more effectively to make life better for everyone thank you mosaica questions and during the campaign you never once said that you were going to cut the size of counsel in Toronto or canceled Democratic elections in po York Niagara Muskoka gotta keep that from voters and then now you’re doing this unilaterally after the election was pretty clear when I ran and I spoke to thousands and thousands of people across the GTA that we’re going to reduce the is it cost to government not tell you I didn’t meet one person that came up to me that one that came up to me and said we want more politicians as the city then consult with anyone and raised 47 instead of 43 we have 25-mph 25 Mbps 25 School trustees why do we need 47 counselors first day in office you’re going to you’re making this a priority and you didn’t tell voters that you were going to do this there isn’t too many people that I know that wouldn’t want to trade in a bunch of politicians for 25 million dollars until they could put that towards orange the priorities while very clearly I did was very clear when I said we’re going to reduce the size of cost to government I was down at City Hall for the four years I was there when we would take 10 hours to make a decision and then find out everyone voted together after 10 hours it is the most dysfunctional political arena in the country City Hall the reason so dysfunctional we have 44 people trying to make a decision that can’t make a decision they all have their own little interest the 44 of them and nothing gets done infrastructure is crumbling Tran we have gridlock all around the city housing has a billion-dollar backlog because nothing is getting done nothing is getting done because they can’t make decisions each and every one of you but down at City Hall sock there for hours and hours listen to them grandstand and talk when they should be getting things done we’re wasting millions of dollars and wanting an ineffective government we need to run a new fish the government for the taxpayers of the city there’s been no consultation real consultation on this is this simply a political grudge match against your old phones at City Hall and Patrick Brown and every person I talked to said you have to reduce the size of government nothing is getting done Transit has not been built in 12 years under David Mueller never got built under Rob Ford was unable to don’t because I was hijacked by too many counselors under John Tory nothing has been built with Transit I shovel hasn’t been in the ground this is the help the next mayor be at John Tori and I look forward to working with him if he is the next bear but we have to run this more efficiently we have to get the city moving that’s what people are frustrated though people are frustrated about seeing 44 counselors go around and around and around my phone lit up like a light bill it like a Christmas tree last night every counselor I spoke to was way to go this is long overdue we can’t wait for the changes so the half a dozen counters I spoke to last we’re all gung-ho for it and Patrick why are you only targeting Toronto City Hall and not for example Ottawa or Kingston 5th or 6th largest budget in the entire country it is it is not I know how it runs you would know you’ve been down there you have seen it matter fact immediate themselves of come up to me and said this is dysfunctional down here the councillors themselves no matter what side you’re on on the left side if you’re in the center of the right side every single one says it’s dysfunctional at City Hall the people that are complaining are going to be politicians and I can tell you the people of Toronto you asked him do you want the trade-in politicians for 25 million dollars and making things run more efficiently or do you want a bunch of politicians to get no Transit done no infrastructure done no housing done that’s what people care about people who care about Paula they care about getting things done and we’ll come to a screeching halt at the city of Toronto no marriage on Tori is proposing that idea will you support is referendum and is there any way that could be done before you actually go ahead and decide to cut the counselor at the council has to consult the people infrastructure Bill what I support is fixing the housing backlog and what I support is stopping the gridlock it takes me from Etobicoke down here over an hour I can fly from Toronto to show quicker then I can drive from the suburbs down to the city here that’s unacceptable that’s what people care about I had a conversation with them are we can have two weeks ago tell you one thing I didn’t see the reaction when I gave him this idea this proposal to the contrary not only speak to him once we consulted numerous times and we never this reaction matter fact deep down and I’m not too sure where the mirror is going with us he knows less politicians is good it’ll make his job a lot easier you’ll be able to get things done all the politicians down the only politicians that are concerned or the ones that are going to lose their job how can you be serious when I told him we need to make the government run more efficiently he agreed and I truly believe the mayor believes he wants to run it efficiently and this isn’t the marriage fault because his hands are tied he is frustrated I can tell you that I was frustrated Rob Ford was frustrated David Miller told me he was frustrated that government was too big and it is too big we’re going to make sure we run an efficient government we’re going to deliver infrastructure Transit housing to the people of Toronto that’s what they want again I think we were pretty clear on the elect I talked to thousands and thousands of people the referendum was pretty clear our mandate was pretty clear reduce the size and cost of government put money back into the people’s pocket and get things done tired of watching City Hall it’s like a comedy show down at City Hall they go around and around and around nothing gets done in the last election I’ll even even go this far Rob Ford got elected said he was going to build the Scarborough Subway Scarborough Subway has been changed 10 X 10 X Route 14 get transit done jaunpuri promise Mark truck for years ago there’s an a shovel in ground David Miller try to get transit going nothing happened we need to get the city moving we can’t afford another 4 years of gridlock in the city infrastructure crumbling and house backlogs of over billion dollars person wear size nail to what you’re proposing in Toronto and finally there is a lot to talk about legal challenges to this address that when you compare a town the size of Ottawa beautiful City compared to a city the size of Toronto you can’t even compare it you’re looking at the city that’s going to be eventually three million but I compared to Los Angeles I went there personally I went through the city hall am I told the city councilors in Los Angeles we had 44 counselors and we had to vote 2.8 million people roughly they looked like we have three heads they have over 4 million people a largest geographical area with 15 people good governance in any company says you should not have more than seven to nine people on the board you get out 20 of the smart people around the table nothing gets done we’re going to get things done we’re going to run City Hall lot more efficiently than before 1
Doug Ford announced new government plans to redraw the City of Toronto’s ward boundaries and cut the number of city councillors from 47 to 25. Ford announced the plan on Friday.

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