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I talked to her Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring tonight which gives Trump another Supreme Court Justice nomination the selection of a Justice of the United States Supreme Court is considered I think we can all say one of the the most important events one of the most important things for our country and making swinging different ways depending on who it might who that might be in the court so it’s always been considered a tremendous tremendously important tremendously important Democrats agree with that and they say they may Chuck the rulebook and start really fighting are you guys ready to maybe rip up some of the rules that have is Rachel said limited Democrat yes decoyed I know we’re ready because I’ve seen these candidates people all across America should realize that their rights and opportunities are threatened Street rules that’s when McConnell didn’t 2016 ripping away and hijacking Obama’s Supreme Court pick which then paved the way for an upset election and Neil Gorsuch to wind up on the court many people saying tonight yes elections have consequences and all this news comes I missed another development there were these elections last night and it’s huge primary upset a self-described socialist and Democratic party with a very radical get tough Progressive Television right now how are you feeling can you put it into words nope I cannot put this into words I’m joined by former DNC chair Donna brazile let’s start with your reaction there should Joe Crowley have lost and what does it mean that there is a Changing of the Guard Democrat but this was a race in which the vote isn’t in that District New York 14th they want to change she was a progressive voice throughout the campaign talking about issues that matter at the local level he was the eldest which person I’m not talking about age I’m talking about experience talking about his record she was talking about what she plans to do his he was talk about what he what he has done this was a really aggressive camp I watch you on one of the debate what she really talk about this issue she felt up medicare-for-all she spelled out her policy positions on jobs on tuition making College more affordable she was an honor Progressive and I tell you something it is a wake-up call and I hope Democratic in comics are paying attention from the bottom up that people want a different reaction and that is a big context for something nobody knew was coming today I might call it Chris Matthews laying out the politics on that if Democrats don’t do everything in their power to fight will be a political implosion on their side even for these pivotal midterms take a listen they will find a way to do it is to slow down votes they will find that way or they will fail and if they fail they will lose their leadership the party will not accept failure on this phone you lay down like the experts to say and lay down except this has history the can’t be stopped going to see a political party in Sears implosion is that right Donna this is a very important Supreme Court position and I can tell you I’ve heard from the base of the party today they want the Democratic party the Democratic senator to apply the same McConnell roll to this nominee not remember mr. Trump has the right to nominate is advice-and-consent mr. McConnell said the American people should have the right to have input into the selection I believe that we deserve input it is your record that in 2016 mr. Merrick Garland was elected he was nominated by the president Supreme Court vacancy was nominated and confirmed in an election year there is a long tradition that you don’t do this an election year what the American people decide what have Democrats do well with that rather damning hypocritical Oppo video while we continue to tell the American people this is 2060 it should apply and 28 and we have to use every constitutional mean that we have within the Senate framework and you know that rules a little Arcane we have to use every constitutional framework to make that point dead day in and day out supreme court date today and the public sector Union case what they’ve done this past week with regards to Not Just Jared Mandarin but a woman’s right to choose this is a very important position in while very important scene we respect the fact that the president the president whose under investigation by the way we respect the fact that he can dominate the Senate advise and consent that I think the Senate Democrats must be on the case we should apply to McConnell Road power rule is simple let the American people go to the polls and 131 days only 4 months and that and that should give you enough time for them to wait until we get a chance to to get our voices in the process fight and Donna you know Mitch McConnell’s music you don’t usually sing from his songbook so something must be going on the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice why they they stood up and opposed President Obama’s nominee they said we don’t do this an election year was this is an election year and by the way 3/4 of the nation’s Governors will be elected this fault this is a very important election 36in all 435 members of Congress let the American people have a voice in this process but it’s Darkly it is summer but it is not a summer off it seems this is going to focus the minds of a lot of people going into a very consequential election Donna brazile as always reset your political insights

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