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day 554 of the Trump Administration and the president escalates the war on his former lawyer and confidante Michael Cohen while denying that he had an advance knowledge about that June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower told NBC News cone is willing to tell Robert Mueller that Donald Trump jr. informed his father about the meeting before it took place Trump’s son had that meeting with several Russians after he was told they were coming prepared with damaging information about Hillary Clinton well today the president responded with this so the fake news doesn’t waste my time was dumb questions no I did not know of the meeting with my son Don Jr sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated Jam taxi cabs maybe we’ll explain that one he even retrained a retained rather Bill and crooked Hillary lawyer gee I wonder if they helped him make the choice that last reference of course is to Cohen’s attorney Leonard Davis who has find comment on the president’s response or to the reports of Cohen’s allegations the president steered clear of this topic during his event at the White House today designed to highlight economic numbers As Trump wrapped up however are currently Kristen Welker S2 about Michael Cohen telling the truth is Michael Cohen telling the truth mr. president is Michael Cohen telling the truth as we say it’s been 10 times now the president ignored reporter’s question since the Coen audio first aired Tuesday evening and for that matter there have only been three White House Press briefings in the entire month of July on the colon front political reports the presidents have advisers have quote been taken aback by colons no-holds-barred approach and his willingness to publicly reveal potentially devastating to Tales of his private conversations with the president asked to describe the mood among Trump’s close confidants one person close to the hasn’t replied simply not good they had this quoting someone close to the president Trump is enraged over the cone of the Corn Revelations Emily Jane Fox who is standing by to join us has been covering the Trump calling Fallout 4 Vanity Fair her later peace out just late today details the current mood in the Cohen Camp quote now the bond between Trump and colon appears to be irrevocably torn asunder there is a sense that cone is ready to torch his old boss but maybe calling going to be the thing that’s going to pull this whole thing apart and unravel the myth behind the man one person familiar with Cohen’s thinking told her maybe he is all he is the next Jon Dean FOX also reports one of the people she spoke to referred to Colin as having quote a treasure Trove of information that he says he could unleash in order to reciprocally complicate the president’s life Donny Deutsch who recently spoke to Cowan appeared on this network and had this insight into the allegation about that Trump Tower meeting what Michael’s been very clear to me is number one and he’s a man he work for for over a decade nothing went on in this business without well known about it and he had led me to believe that he could bring truck back to Russia that that he came out yesterday to me was not a surprise based on conversations Michael and I’d had everything this meeting in particular that he did a few feet apart today Politico publish this photo of both men waiting for the same flight out DC while seemingly unaware of each other at Washington National Airport there is another new development tonight regarding the special counsel Mueller’s office says it plans to call 35 Witnesses and financial crimes trials X Trump campaign Chief Paul manafort which is slated to begin Tuesday this is the first of two trials for men afford the witness list was made public chest today the biggest name on it no surprise is that man Rick Gates manafort’s partner in one time Deputy on the Trump campaign who pleaded guilty and is now cooperating with the Mueller investigation after all of that on a Friday evening and she just wrote the book on the Trump family it’s called Born Trump inside America’s first family Josh gerstein senior White House reporter for Politico and Jill wine-banks attorney and former assistant Watergate special counsel good evening to you all and here in New York I’d like to begin with you if this relationship hasn’t showered I’d hate to see a relationship that has you please on how these recordings have entered the public domain there is belief number one that Cohen has leapt these as a brush back pitch to say mr. president there is a lot more where this came from Siri number two is that this is coming from the Trump team to go ahead and Brace and own some of the worst that they know is coming because that also takes an arrow away from Owen and his value as a flip Target to the fed’s please I’m fixing to come and Camp not only have people been saying as he said perhaps he’s he’s sending this as a signal to what he has and what he could offer to Donald Trump but some people have argued that perhaps sending smoke signals looking for a pardon people who are close to Cohen and familiar with us that his thinking have flat out denied that time and time again to me they have said the way that you would get a pardon is not by angering the president and sticking his thumb in his I repeat Italy and even if you were to get some sort of pre partying and then he would undoubtedly be subpoenaed and then have to testify in would not be able to play the 5th so that is something that according to all my reporting he has taken off the table on the other side you have president Trump’s camping and there was a school of thought on Friday when the recordings are first released and Rudy Giuliani was the only person on the record describing the subject matter on that takes over when I read it for a few days until Lonnie Davis did put out the actual recording earlier this week and so it was kind of a smart tactics we would have Define The Narrative even though we now know that the very best case for Rudy Giuliani their questions raised about the The Narrative that he laid out there so what you have the complicated set of motivations from each side characters on each side they’re not necessarily the most trustworthy or have the greatest credibility and so to try and determine who leaked what when it is a difficult game I will say that from my reporting in the Commonwealth of the past 24 hours for tickly after this Revelation last night about what Michael Cohen may know about the Trump Tower meeting I said over and over again we did not leak this because this does not serve us to have this out in the public was not our strategy wait we wanted to be able to go to the special counsel Robert Mueller with this information it doesn’t serve us to have this out in the public now it is possible in some way that it does serve president Trump to have one of the most damaging things out there perhaps to control the narrative again and for how to make it more difficult for Michael Cohen to cooperate cooperate then maybe the president can breathe a little easier tonight the only problem with conversations the likes of which were having here is it’s about the mechanics of leaking and we’re forgetting the story and chief is oh yeah by the way it’s alleged the president had a heads up on Russians coming to his office building in New York prior to him becoming president with dirt on his opponent at the top of the ticket as they say one Donald Trump Josh conspicuously silent but for his Twitter feed this week right and you know giving his no collusion manttra that he’s put forward time and time again there could hardly be more damaging allegation then he was aware in advance that his campaign was endeavoring to get a damaging political intelligence about his opponent from Russians and Russians that I believe his own family had been told had some connection to the Russian so there’s no question that this would injure his narrative if people believe it I think the problem is as Emily points out there’s a need for some additional corroboration you have a number of figures here whose credibility is not calculate high and it would make the number of statements that prove not to be accurate in the real question I think it’s not whether Michael Cohen has stories that could damage the president Robert Mueller or other Federal investigators New York to provable fax to other sources of information that can allow them to assemble a damaging case against the president if it’s just stories that he’s telling Michael Cohen I don’t think it’s going to be that damaging Banks counselor if there is a short version of this answer if it’s answerable in your view how has Cohen’s case changed this week since Tuesday how has Trump’s case changed this week I would say that corn is in the same position he was in terms of whatever evidence exists to against him but that he has put himself in a better position because if he really does have the willingness to testify I bet he was in the room When Donald Trump senior learned about the meeting in Trump Tower and if he will identify the other people who rumor has it we’re also in the room it means that it’s not his word against the president’s word and as everybody has pointed out they both have credibility issues I Giuliani is saying that cone is a pathological liar and he knows that because cone lied for his client many years which is not exactly a very strong defense and what does that make the client who hired the lawyer to lie for him so they both have credibility issues but if he can identify other Witnesses I think Josh pointed this out it means that there is a really credible case and to some extent if I viewing this as a trial lawyer juries really can make logical conclusions and the evidence at this point is now getting very compelling there was a clear willingness to accept help from the Russians to win the election to collude with them as the public is calling it or to enter into conspiracy with them which is what the crime is and I think it really has gone to stage where we’re really getting somewhere now and we could have a very significant Ace went to see lots of other great videos
There’s no love lost between Trump & his fmr. lawyer Michael Cohen one day after reports say Cohen’s ready to tell Mueller Trump had prior knowledge of that infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians. Emily Jane Fox, Josh Gerstein, & Jill Wine-Banks join.
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Donald Trump Calls Cohen A Liar. Cohen’s Reportedly Furious At Donald Trump. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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