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K.525 of this Trump Administration which now finds itself facing twin battles that will likely Define the Trump presidency for years to come for starters there is that opening on the Supreme Court which the president made sure to bring again today we’re going to pick ourselves one great United States Supreme Court Justice we’re going to start working on that price as we’ve already started and hopefully we’re going to make you very proud and tonight was confirmation that a formidable Whitehouse lobbying effort and at potentially wobbly Republican Senators is already up and running before there is even a nominee that we know of press secretary Sarah Sanders Pro tonight that the president met with Senators Grassley Collins murkowski Mansion Donnelly and Hike Camp to discuss the Supreme Court vacancy the POTUS team also talked with more than a dozen other Senators today as part of ongoing Outreach to views and advice from both sides of the aisle the other battle this President is fighting and the other front we are covering tonight would be of course the Mueller investigation and this one line from the president’s Twitter feed this morning Macie get off this is the American president pointing out quote Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election again that’s the Russian argument long-ago disproven by our us intelligence Community the President also attacked the special counsel by name today quote when is Bob Mueller going to list his conflicts of interest why is it taking so long will they be listed at the top of his 22 million dollar report the 13 angry Democrats will they list their conflicts with crooked Hillary and what is going on in the FBI and doj with crooked Hillary the DNC and all of the lies a disgraceful situation the president’s comments were a curtain Raiser really for today’s hearing wear his team the Republicans in the house when after the president’s own appointees the FBI director and most especially Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller you’re supervising mother more so than Jeff sessions sir I certainly hope that that your colleagues are not under that impression that is not accurate and we have caught you hiding people you got finish it the hell up said the man who spent nearly two-and-a-half years and over 7 million dollars investigating Hillary Clinton and Benghazi and found no evidence of wrongdoing that was followed by more questions to Rosen Stein about the length of the investigation is the special counsel investigation taking too long has he deliberately slow his space so I can assure you that director mother is moving as expeditiously as possible mr. are you one of those 13 angry Democrats that my Republican colleagues keep referring to I do not consider myself an angry Democrat reports the special counsel is opening up new angles of inquiry and the Russia investigation tonight the Washington Post says Mueller’s team is looking at ties between brexit supporters link to Russian officials and the Trump campaign there also what’s the molar has subpoenaed another former Ada long time Trump advisor Rodger stone that Aid Andrew Miller reported to a work briefly for mr. Stone around the GOP convention 2016 we heard from another longtime Trump associate today Michael Cole I’m sending this message quote my family and I are old an apology after 2 years 15 hours of testimony before House and Senate under oath and producing more than 1,000 documents. CA Miss reports 15 allegations about my entire statement must be quoted I had nothing to do with Russian collusion or meddling it’s unknown what may have prompted that Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair reports tonight that has Cowan debaets weather to cooperate with the feds one person she spoke to wish to get a message out to Cowan that person said quote please let him know that he could go down in history as the man that saved his country I think his family would be so proud of him on that note let’s bring in Arleta Thursday evening Kimberly Atkins Chief Washington reporter for the Boston Herald Jonathan Lemire White House reporter for the Associated Press and Cynthia are former Federal prosecutor veteran of the Civil Rights division at the justice department Cynthia I’d like to begin that’s okay and that is this the center the center-left and the left woke up this morning after the fog of the news about Justice Kennedy leaving the court with the realization that this President will be selecting a judge man or woman who will be seated on the court presumably in time to potentially adjudicate the president of the United States what’s your thinking about that this will probably be somebody who would help overturn Roe v Wade and that somewhere between 15 and 18 states abortion should be illegal within the next year so that was the first thought the second thought is of course one more tragedy for a what’s happening to our justice system and it doesn’t appear to me that there’s really a way to stop it the presidents meeting with these Senators to Shore that up so we can do I think at this point is hope and pray that some of the women that the female Republican Senators come through and stick with their they’re strong feeling that Robey Wade is the law Blanchard and should be upheld but really it’s it’s kind of a hopeless time is on that note the president wakes up in Wisconsin and starts on social media talking about Robert Mueller what do you think that’s about about what he has been railing against for months now this investigation no matter what other wins he may have and and the ability to appoint another Supreme Court Justice and really galvanized the entire Republican around him I can’t think of a bigger political win for him this week but he is still so focus on this investigation which leads people to wonder and some Democrats have been wondering aloud if there would be a conflict and appointing a Supreme Court Justice who would ultimately may be asked to decide whether the president if Robert Mueller subpoenas Hammer tries to compel is testimony and he refuses that would go to the Supreme Court president be indicted that’s a question that would go to the Supreme Court if the president fires Robert Mueller what if any recourse Congress or other investigators would have that’s also a question that’s open legally soap for the president to be in the position to meet the person who is ultimately the deciding that you have Senators like Cory Booker openly saying that that would be inappropriate in a way to push back on that we also know that the president has reportedly at times grumbled that Neil Gorsuch Justice Neil Gorsuch hasn’t been as loyal to him or as he wanted so the question is arising will the court will the president put a loyalty Test 2 Supreme Court nominee that he puts forward it really ties together the Supreme Court pick and this Muller investigation in a really unique way look for Matt tonight president Trump singled out Justice Kennedy for praise even while attacking other members of the Supreme Court the White House nominated people close to him too important judicial post members of the Trump family Ford’s personal connections there old was Josh or Joshua Justice Anthony M Kennedy that his judicial Legacy would be in good hands should he stepped down at the end of the Court’s term that ended this week has he was rumored to be considering allies of the white house for more blunt warning the 81 year-old Justice that time was of the essence there was no telling they said what would happen if Democrats gain control of the Senate after the November elections and had the power to block the President’s Choice as his successor I know you are of the mind that things Supreme Court Justice related are areas where this white house has performed that’s right that is the second time for a while actively betted and rolled out the pic of Chuck Gorsuch last year and of course he was confirmed and took a seat on the bench and now this and this is a two-part strategy but remember of course the Mitch McConnell would not hold hearings for Merrick Garland President Obama’s choice in 2016 saying that this wouldn’t be right for a lame duck president to nominate someone to the bench prioritize Supreme Court seats saying that was their strategy even as they stopped long-term the demographic Trends in the urban and perhaps less white they thought that a bulwark could exist in the Supreme Court and they move forward in this way and Donald Trump as a candidate smartly released these names of potential justices which Republican everything about Donald Trump but if I vote for him I can get a Justice that will uphold my values and then we’re seeing a lot of this reporting how the Trump White House including Ivanka Trump the president himself others around him too and sealed the deal Kennedy and made him feel comfortable willing to step aside thinking that someone that would share his ideological values his view views in the law would take his place putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list as he lots of other great videos
Trump began his day yet again attacking the Mueller investigation and promised his supporters a great Supreme Court pick. But will Mueller’s probe complicate Trump getting a nominee confirmed? Our panel reacts.
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Donald Trump Blasts Mueller Probe While Promising A Great SCOTUS Nominee | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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