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welcome back it’s a lot will get through it we’re still tracking this breaking news just tonight on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as we reported the source is telling NBC news that Michael Cohen asserts president Trump was told in advance about that 2016 meeting at Trump Tower he was told about it by his son Don Jr and that Michael Cohen is willing and ready to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller earlier tonight president Trump’s lawyer Giuliani appeared on CNN wear this story first broke and said Cohen is not a credible witness there’s no doubt in my mind that he should not credible Witness kind of witness that can really destroy your whole case any finder of fact was a conference in the case when you rely on a guy like this before you finish with him this kind of pressure and what’s his history been lying under pressure now let’s talk about what we just witnessed Jonathan Lemire is here with us White House reporter for the Associated Press pre-order for the Associated Press who’s watching the White House for the Associated Press if they’re both with us tonight this is straight-up character assassination I think by any definition by Rudolph Giuliani the man is talking about was until recently the personal lawyer for the the man who became president of the United States he’s calling him up to and including a pathological liar The Narrative being Advance by several journalists tonight and several lawyers in what has become a proxy war is that mr. Cohen did not leak this mr. Collins team not like this this was leaked by someone close to mr. Trump because their philosophy is it’s out there it’s bad own it early and by getting this out there this is one of the worst things going had to share with prosecutors you diminish his value on the used car lot first of all it’s an interesting argument to make from Rudy Giuliani to say that Michael Cohen is an untrustworthy character considering he was the person that President Trump trusted for a decade so that perhaps speaks poorly about the president judge of character as well I think if it down to head here this early it’s important emerging tonight that this is not a leak from the Cohen camp and in fact on this very are other this evening Emily Jane Fox suggested that the fear there is that this car was being plucked from his hand that the Trump team wanted to put this out to sue to sort of Sully to diminish when he could offer Mueller to sort of damaged his credibility Majestic we’re not afraid of what you can bring we’re going to put it out there willing to deal with it now and so much of what this President is is exactly that too funny things head-on and just like dealing with stuff any of his predecessors Thursday and I think that they feel like this it so potentially very damaging is something they can deal with two they can put it out there and they can muddy the water the distant formation campaign that we have seen time and again cameo in the president’s press conference in Helsinki last week if he tried to explain his way out of the mess they will just see the waters and I think they can get through it talk about that I want to share with our audience a brief snippet this was the president in Granite City Illinois and even though it’s a brief snippet it may speak to his state of mind we’ll discuss it on the other side dying to see us make a little bit of a mistake they analyze every word they say did he say that turning them in did he say something positive about I think he loves Russia but that’s okay or a joke and how was your day with the president how did he seem to you distraction for the president that just created this incredible split-screen have the president he was both in Illinois and Iowa and kind of trip that his staff love to organize for him he gets to it first to community college students manufacturer and he was playing with various things that have been made from a 3D printing machine including a little model of the White House was because he was joking with staff showing them off steelworkers and they’re all celebrating the fact that this is just reopened and so these are kind of food to distract him from what’s happening today in the president’s out there playing along and you can see it as a story is heartbreaking as I’m sure the president is being informed of the reporting that’s out there I’m just the extent to which Russell remains on the president’s mind that clip you showed it was giving a speech on trade he was supposed to be as I said giving us kind of Raw Deal that my threats of trade war in my steel and aluminum tariffs look look at the good that they’re doing and yet you can see that the president as he looks to the media as he points for those people in the back of the room his concern there you can feel it is it still Russia we are the United States adjust our soybean Farmers alone do 12 and 1/2 billion dollars worth of business with China American farmers love to brag that they feed the world and it’s it’s pretty accurate number 2 if 25% tariffs and effect we’re talking about the price of the best selling car in this country the Ford F-150 going up 50 200 bucks slicing into the economy of in effect the Trump base the folks saw in the midwest today was there any of that is there a sense of kind of Beat the Clock going on Roundtable people just singing the president’s Praises but not far from from the towns were we were we were farmers and we drove through field after feel this way you could drive across Iowa I’m right near the steel plant that we were at there is also a country the verge of closing and that they’ve been losing and bleeding employees than steel and aluminum parents went into effect in the end of this book from the company on one of our stories today pleading with the president present to give you the benefit of the doubt here but there’s only so much that they can take either I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Trump again took on the press hours before NBC News confirmed that his fmr. lawyer Michael Cohen is prepared to assert that Trump had prior knowledge of that infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians according to a source. Jonathan Lemire & Jill Colvin join.
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Donald Trump Before New Cohen Bombshell: Media Waiting A Mistake From Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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