DNC chairman on the future of the Democratic party

before today the Democrats have been hell-bent on taking over the house but with Justice Kennedy saying he’s out the Senate is in very sharp Focus as is a set of questions about who the Democrats are joining us now perfect timing DNC chair Tom Perez Tom thank you for being with us on what is turned out to be a huge day I have to talk to you about other reverberations to the plans for the house and who just one here in New York movies about your party but but but this headline that your shifts all intensity to the Senate Justice Kennedy maybe the most impactful decision he has made his win to retire and that decision comes today change the steaks for your party we’re organizing everywhere we competed in Alabama last year people thought we were kind of nuts because Democrats can’t win down there we always understood that in the all the Trump we had to be prepared for consequences just like this that’s why we’ve been organizing early and organizing everywhere in our nation’s journey to form a more perfect union and what we have to do now is we’ve been doing throughout which is get people out to vote but the steaks Tom are you know for all of Trumps talk about what he wants to do judge Gorsuch and the other judges that are being put through the center with McConnell’s help that’s his big how big is this judicial appointment in terms of the Future Path and the partisan trajectory of this country important Chris and that’s why we’re fighting and we’re going to hold them to the standard they held Democrats the 2016 Mitch McConnell said you shouldn’t consider a nomination during an election year while this is an election I think there’s a bipartisan consensus that Roe v Wade is the law of the land and if you nominated judge to the Supreme Court who is not going to uphold Roe v Wade that that should trigger overwhelmingly bipartisan opposition until what we’re going to continue to do we’re going to make sure that we’re doing our level best in time or Democrat that’s how elections have consequences we just saw with the Janice case I’m sorry the Union in collective bargaining and what that means for public unions that was Starry decisis to that was former president judges can change the Asians if they want to win this court has shown that inclination so Roe v Wade is only as good as this bench says it is the question is what can you do about it we can win elections Chris and that’s what what oh absolutely we got opportunities opportunities opportunities in Arizona we got opportunities in Tennessee and opportunity Mississippi opportunity in Texas five states right there where we have opportunities give you the office even though it could hurt him at home we’ll listen you know Healthcare is a right for all and not a privilege for a few that is in danger with this supreme court and we have seen Democratic solidarity on issues of healthcare and anything that we have 4S in the Senate races this year Chris in the states where we’re playing defense is that we’ve got a spectacular stable of incumbent Democrats and that is why I have a lot of optimism that we can take over the Senate medical question while I have you here on the house side this race in New York and this young woman 28 years old who beat a 10-term congressman and Joe Crowley that matters she represents things that are decidedly different then lot of people in your party she is left and she might be left of Bernie Sanders on some issues saying that ice has to go is that a reflection of who your party will be across the country listen Alexandria ocasio-cortez regular campaign in si Latino it’s inspiring to see another Latina run and when and and she ran because she was focused on the issues that people in her community cared about Justice when Conor lamb one two months ago he was focused on the issues that matter to people in this district and we’ve been winning elections Chris Statewide elections Congressional elections State Legislative elections mayoral Etc because our candidates have been laser focused on are laser focused on immigration as Alexandria was doing whatever your emotions, or are you going to but the district by District make the choices that work for you as a candidate Willison we believe is Democrats that Healthcare is a right for all and not a privilege for a few we certainly have a debate about how to get there and their differences of opinion among Democrats Joe Crowley who it had had a distinguished career in Congress was a proponent of The medicare-for-all Proposal so we’re going to have I think what’s most important is where we are united as Democrats are you need United doesn’t mean you there are united on that is Medicare if we all the Democrat position on the fact that Healthcare must be a right for all in our prayers for a few winning to get their Single Payer is a hot-button for reason I keep saying if a reason, I understand the economics I understand the logistics of it we’re all doing our homework on the journalism side understand this and it’s very complex but to voters what that will signal is a cost-shifting that will make Healthcare from the government perspective a lot more of a heavy-lift I’ve going to cost a lot more money if you go to single-payer and I just want to know where’s your head in terms of whether or not that’s where your party is single-payer Healthcare is a right for Oneida privilege for a few yes we’re having a debate on how to get there but what’s important to know is the Republicans are having a debate on how to move the ball backwards they want less people that have access to healthcare they don’t believe that a pre-existing condition matters that that you can be denied insurance coverage for that and still seem to be on the table is don’t fret about this we got to fight back we’ve got to organize and we’ve got to vote well I’ll tell you what it’s no longer hypothetical this is an existential battle in terms of political realities and it’s all going to come down to November and there’s going to be a big eye on the Senate Perez thank you very much for joining me

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