Divers close in on possible location of missing soccer team

now to Thailand Rescuers there are not giving up hope in their search for a missing youth football team 12 boys and their coach went missing nine days ago authorities there believe that they are trapped in the cave system that you see here and there send and some of Thailand’s best Freddy get them out this Elite group of Navy divers are pushing deeper and deeper into the cave system and they’re closing in where they hope this team maybe shelter it she has an accord following the storyline for us in Hong Kong and are they getting closer is there a sense that there could be some optimism here because it has been some time you’re absolutely right they have made significant progress they are within a kilometer of where they believe these 12 boys and the coach that is if they survived the flash flooding just happened 9 days ago and and that in itself is very promising but it is extremely challenging and extremely difficult full those Navy SEAL dive is to make their way through the next kilometers are all bees Cave System we know the washer is extremely strong we know that the passageway is is very narrow narrow in Spanish they’re going to have to widen to get other teams and and their equipment through to this location where they think this football team is it is cool patio Beach that’s why they sent these these kids went all the way through the cases into this particular sport but it’s dry which is why they they they hope that that is where they are currently located now there’s a mini command system Command Center I should say that has been that says held several hundred missions from that tea Junction a kilometer from patio base there is some 69 Navy SEAL don’t have a sitter located that come on in the knees up to water but they have cable they have lots they have oxygen tanks every 25 major this is the third chamber and it’s from here they’re staging this massive operation they say they are not leaving this cave until they find these 13 things 13 people but George as I say that the sewage obviously the odds are getting Slimmer and Slimmer from the air and and from from above the cave system that they are looking to access points to drill down but that they racing against the weather again because we’re expecting a change in the weather within the next couple of days more rain it’s just too it to cause even more problems George please continue to keep in touch with your sources and we’ll keep in touch with you for thank you
Thai Navy SEAL divers aren’t giving up hope in their search for a missing youth soccer team and their coach, who are believed to be trapped in a flooded cave. CNN’s Anna Coren has the latest.

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