Divers close in on missing boys soccer team in Thailand

was it a week off the 12 Boys in their football coach been missing in a cave complex in Northern Thailand a glimmer of hope divers are making progress an elevated area inside the cave where they think the 13 missing might be seeking shelter rescue efforts have been hampered by heavy rainfall in Chiang Rai where these caves are located with water blocking the entrance is but a break in the rain has helped the rescue teams to move ahead oxygen times have been installed at 25-meter Junction pumping machine has been deployed to make it easier for them to swim to this elevated area the boys ages 11 to 16th and that coach was 25 when missing on the 23rd of June deep into the cave doing the rainy season starts in July and in the newspapers that a number of different approaches are being used to try and find the missing the pump drain water out of the cave from about the message from the rescue teams is clear I’m not giving up yet in the search for these boys and that coach nikhil Kumar CNN New Delhi Josh Morris is the founder of the Chiang Mai rock climbing Adventures group and that’s it if it’s helping out in the rescue effort and he joins us now via Skype from Thailand good to see your Josh before we go I want to show our viewers exactly where we are talking about this is a Cave System surrounded by Haley rain and heavy forest and it’s in the middle of a national park in Northern Thailand can you tell me more about these caves is this an important destination for tourist has there ever been any presidents two people getting lost in these caves before and Thailand have a special special place in society a big huge religious significance but caving is always been really fantastic and Thailand because it’s typically warm weather you compare the average temperature inside of a cave in Thailand to that of North America or Europe it’s much warmer you can cave in a t-shirt and shorts in Thailand sometimes wearing drysuits in wetsuits in other countries and the entire region is basically Limestone from a 300 million-year-old coral reefs that used to stretch from Southern Australia into China so there’s tons of cave but typically people don’t go on big caving Expeditions there’s a small small niche of people who are doing that is actually quite interesting because it’s 10 km quite recently to to become the fourth longest cave in Thailand to pay for admission would there have been I don’t know ropes for kind of lights inside to help guide people along so some caves and Thailand have that and they have significant investment to have concrete Pathways and and Lighting in the cave I actually am not 100% familiar with this cave I’m going up to the site tomorrow to join the effort but I do know there is a concrete staircase at the entrance but a lot of times it doesn’t go beyond the entrance some caves have this guy that you hire some don’t I don’t believe this one has as a a guided system a couple of people from your company are helping with the rescue effort have they told you anything about some of the challenges of dealing with Saturday evening and basically they are part of the team that’s looking for alternate entrances outside the cave to be able to maybe bypass the flooded sections of a cave and get to the same spot that the divers are trying to get to but using ropes instead of diving that’s actually quite difficult because the cave is quite big and quite hi so you have to scavenge around the hillside looking for possible entrances that are covered with vegetation and it’s muddy and it’s raining so it’s it’s it’s but those guys are working around-the-clock dropping down into different holes calling through trying to find maybe that one hold I can talk through and and get into the the drive section of the cave 07 potentially risky rescue effort Josh Morris founder of Chiang Mai rock climbing adventures in Thailand thanks so much for joining us
hina and Australia have joined the search for 12 boys missing in a Thai cave, as divers on closed in on the spot where they believe the teens are sheltering.
The international rescue operation — which includes over 1,000 people from Thai emergency services, the US Military and British cave experts — has been ramping up its efforts since the boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach disappeared during an outing in the caves in northern Thailand eight days ago.

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