Distorting the truth: Russian hacking beyond the election

Russian meddling is so much bigger than the 2016 campaign a juice of a hostile foreign power reached into the United States using our own social media platforms it with unwitting Americans they’re using these platforms to try to divide us brakeley United States is under attack but most people don’t read is the Russians didn’t just medal in the election of Donald Trump they targeted almost every major American social movements they were communicating with Russians the Russians were really good at this after the election it took months for congress the US government independent researchers and investigative journalist to figure out what really had just gone on and we’re still learning more even today one clear Targus racial tensions CNN uncovered how one Russian campaign paid out in real-time unbeknownst those who were really involved it was July 2016 philando Castile shot by police in Minnesota and his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds began streaming live on Facebook the last moments of castille’s life would be seen by millions of people around the world the video went around on Facebook spiral like crazy stitches Facebook messages all at the same time it was like everyone’s phone started going off a couple people said and we’re going to go down to the governor’s mansion were there protests but at the same time a mysterious group called Don’t Shoot began organizing a different protest outside the police department or the officer who had shot Castile worked where did this organization come from I used to actually being reached out to to help bring people to the protest and this was something that literally just came out of the blue the 4th precinct was in Minneapolis North Minneapolis and the governor’s mansion is in st. Paul Minnesota to completely different areas with different demographics being involved here for the last number of years I know that there is no organization called don’t shoot and so I knew that something was off I just poked around a little bit look at Paige saw that it had thousands of likes then I message their page I said who are you involved with who do you have on the grounds that’s working on setting this up I know individuals and all these organizations none of them had heard of this group none of them heard of this event and none of them were involved in planning we need to reach out to these people to make sure they know what they’re doing and they don’t put people in danger any number of things could happen when thousands of people show up with mixed emotions during the peak of an anti-police brutality movements are solution was to kind of take over the event and have our own Marshalls and have our own leaders and it up Rocky space in front of the police department and no one got hurt I was our top priority but this was much deeper than just a rogue protest we’ve got an anonymous tip forward it to us that stated that their website was registered to some strip mall in Illinois website it was a fake address it was a fake page was a fake website in reality Jones Shoes was being run for more than four thousand miles away in St Petersburg Russia don’t shoot us wasn’t local nor National it was Russian the troll group was the internet research agency that I Easter Kremlin a budget in the millions and a network of thousands of fake American social media accounts and it only took them a few hours to begin posting about the shooting of philando Castile friends and families about our protests you understand what I’m saying this is my son God gave it to me nobody had the right to take him from me and then to take such a sad situation and exploited you know and put them to use my baby no the world knows falando casteels name because of Facebook for his girlfriend begin to stream live after he was shot that’s where his family and friends turn to to organize after he died but it’s also where the Russian troll group would seek to exploit the tragedy it makes sense that they would want to see America have this like really deep intense struggles disruptions really easy cuz the tools of Technology allow you to reach hundreds of millions of people and Incredibly low cost post on Facebook Instagram YouTube Tumblr and Twitter were pretty convincing but there were some signs that these groups weren’t quite what they seen the fake Russian page was called Don’t Shust named after an earlier black lives matters logo when Mike Brown was first killed a lot of people were saying hands up don’t shoot people weren’t chanting hands up don’t shoot any more at that point in one instance we found Cyrillic characters a Russian word in the metadata of a document that don’t shoot at Distributors cyber experts told us that this was an indication that the computer or the document was created was running the Russian language on other post they kept using the wrong type of punctuation mark like here where they use the backwards apostrophe it turns out a lot of Russian keyboards don’t have the standard apostrophe that’s used in the English language but overall the Russians were really good at doing this according to us investigator stop at the internet research agency would have regular check-ins with their managers to see if their post looked and sounded American enough there many fake social media accounts still out there today that we are Russian this account was set up in September 2016 under the Alias Robert Jamison but the picture isn’t of a guy called Robert new nothing about this account until the CNN told him about it after we told him about the account he reported it to Facebook and it got taken down you’re not allowed to have a fake account on Facebook especially large networks of fake accounts like the Russians have can you guarantee that any of those images that can be attributed or associated with the Russian company internet research agency of been purged from your platform Senator no I can’t guarantee that because this is an ongoing arms race these companies have a responsibility to really start to look into what’s happening on their websites and take more of a roll making sure that their social media site isn’t the cause for a coup or a civil war or World War 3 even if you like the outcome in 2016 in 2018 we have to expect at the Chinese the North Koreans Iranians and everybody else who doesn’t like us which these days is a lot of people is going to do that we now have technology if you have 20 minutes of voice can produce things that sound like anyone I kiss my dogs and my wife so how about we actually kissed by the word Jordan it’s going to be very straightforward to create body out that sounds completely authentic that is completely inauthentic and that is in my mind terrifying this altered video u.s. presidents old and new published by University researchers shows how easily video can be manipulated even in real time these technologies will become more sophisticated more believable and easier to produce in 2016 it was fake social media accounts and fake Post in twenty20 it could be fake video on fake audio real or fake change of perception of our next national tragedy I believe we would be in a much better place as social media had never happened we had no idea when they came out that they could be used to manipulate politics or a public opinion we thought there was just another share photos and connect with people from high school we expect Russia to continue using propaganda social media false-flag personas sympathetic spokesman and other means to and flu to try to build out its wide range of operations and exacerbate social and political figures in the United States it’s really hard to stop and I think stopping it is not the most likely case I think the thing we can do is citizens make sure that were well-prepared be more suspicious of things that confirm our biases a lot of us in 2016 clearly as a society we need to be more worried about we see online and determine post by Poe what’s real and what’s fake

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