Diamond & Silk on the left’s Supreme Court hysterics

the president now has an opportunity to change the makeup of the highest score to a degree for a generational more I promise he made on the campaign Trail good morning what do you think about all this right now but shame on the left for always going into a frenzy and then only doing this because they want to dismantle the Constitution but what I say to the left assistant we don’t need to dismantle the Constitution we don’t need to rewrite it they need to reread it that’s right I don’t need to apologize the Constitution we need to uphold the Constitution and I’m so happy that the president get the pic the next judge that’s going to be in place that’s going to uphold our constitution conservative democratic congresswoman called it cold on Democrats to get into a street fight and then you had Michael Moore who tends to be liberal according to reports it says it’s time to get off the couch and use your body what is he talking about I have no idea what he’s talking about but what I do know from the left is what they do is manipulate intimidate in order to dominate what those policies aren’t working anymore because people are walking away from that liberal ideology and they want something better for their lives so that kind of stuff is not working anymore on the Democrats keep talking about the blue Waves it’s nothing but Democrat waving away Adam when they walking out Democrat Plantation ladies you know that one of the reasons the Democrats are a lot of Democrats are concerned as the fact that there is the feeling that if the president is able to get more conservative voices on the on the high court that they will undo Roe v Wade Democrats are against that number of Republicans you know that’s that’s a dream come true is wait and see what’s going to happen but in the meantime I want the Constitution uphold and I want to just put in place that’s going to stand by our constitution it’s time to bring values and morals back into America is now hosting a celebration marking the 6-month anniversary of tax cuts a lot to celebrate their right or do you think they’re just crumbs able to pick and choose whatever job they want to work at this this is an exciting time to be alive in America amazing John Morgan Stanley did a survey and they ask companies about the tax cut and what you’re doing with it the company survey anticipate using only a quarter to shareholders and dividends the rest is going to go to a pay raises as well as expansion hiring more people for those who say that they’re just making corporations richer that’s Howard Morgan Stanley says and the other ones who value companies what does president and guess what Americans are coming up there thriving instead of barely surviving it we love it or more money doesn’t make it happier but it does make life easier thank you so much lady
Social media stars react to the mainstream media meltdown over Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

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