Details set for Trump-Putin meeting

we’re following breaking news on Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement from the US Supreme Court also tonight president Trump’s first summit with Russia’s gladimir Putin is on mr. Trump National Security advisor John Bolton have been hammering out details Putin in Moscow Bolton says he expects the president to talk to the criminal leader about a subject mr. Trump off it avoids Russia’s election meddling let’s go to our senior International correspondent good night friends out of the two leaders I take it they’re on track to be in just a few weeks earlier today interesting to see what happens here when the National Security advisor John Bolton came to town here in Moscow cuz originally what we’d heard is that he was just going to meet with the Russian foreign minister Sergei lavrov but in the end it turned out he met with Vladimir Putin and both of them have the agenda for Summit very very quickly the Russian Philly showing that they are in the driver seat on this here’s what happened National Security adviser John Bolton face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin is President Trump and Vladimir Putin will hold a summit next month still Putin taking a swipe at the US are not at their best I have mentioned it publicly more than and I want to say it again at this meeting as well sources tell CNN the most likely venue for the summit will be Helsinki the exact date and location due to be announced on Thursday the National Security advisor previously suggested that Russia and Putin can’t be trusted after bringing up the beginning in the eye and lying to him directly the perceived change of course right now I’m an adviser to president us sanctions against Russia and Bolton says Russia meddling in the 2016 presidential election between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin which is complete nonsense but Russian State tv gloating about Bolton’s visit to Moscow joking about Russia’s procedure reach into America’s political process cyber-security is a topic for the summit because what are the main accusations we here in the past years from the American side that are great and terrible Russian hackers invaded the American space which many see as aggression against the country and that we cause some trouble there what trouble did we cause we just elected Trump that’s all Russian State TV also trashing CNN and The Situation Room in their show is America’s national security advisor Summit to prove relations between Moscow and the Trump White House ultimately the Russians are saying that their goal is a normalization as they say of the relations between the United States and Russia 4th president Trump earlier today and he said in general he think it’s a good idea to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin not just for the us but also for the world of course we do know we’ll fit some of America’s closest allies have some serious reservations about this thinking coming to fast wolf

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