Details on the victims of the Annapolis newspaper shooting

everyone I mean trying to be as thanks for joining us we’re learning more about the lives lost when a shooter open fire Thursday in the Capital Gazette News Room in Annapolis Maryland that shooting left five people dead Gerald Fishman was he at Oriole co-workers describe him as Quirky and smart making sure everything was quote just right Robert hyacin was described as a gifted editor with an aura of an artist inspiring colleagues to make journalism a beautiful craft is today the day he was killed was his wife’s birthday John McNamara was a sports writer and copy editor who could talk intelligently about everything from politics to literature Rebecca Smith’s with a sales assistant engaged to be married friends and workers called her kind and considerate with a big heart Wendy Winter’s the special Publications editor was a mother of 4 and a mentor to Young journalists she was called the heart of the newspaper because she cared so much about serving the city on Friday the president address the shooting at an event here’s what he had to say shocked the conscience or nation and filled our hearts with grief journalist like all Americans be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job with more on the shooting in Annapolis today the victims of mass shooting where Remembered at a vigil not far from where Jared Ramos was earlier charged with five counts of first-degree murder he appeared in court by video link from the nearby County Jail where he is on suicide watch he did not a word and showed little if any emotion the judge ordered him held without bond after State’s Attorney West Adams alleged that before Ramos open-fire he turned the Capital Gazette newspapers offices into a deadly trap the rear door was barricaded mr. Ramos then as I told the judge entered into the front door and worked his way through the office where he would shooting as he walked to the office the weapon a pump-action shotgun the police say Ramos bought legally about a year ago the Carnage could have been much worse if police had not arrived and found Ramos hiding under a table in less than 2 they say they sorted what had been his plan to escape he was as angry and individual as I’ve ever seen for years he says the moment he heard about the shooting it was Ramos I knew who did it he did it and you’ve said it was inevitable it was inevitable rejoin us now from Annapolis chip you sat down with the lawyer of the woman who said she was stopped by the shooting suspect what else did he have to say about the suspect in shooting or something horrible by this guy evitable a lot of people felt that way and you might as well then why didn’t people do something about it well they tried he says he said they did everything within the law they could to stop him he said the law as it exists in this free country simply does not permit people to put p Behind Bars simply because they’re threatening or they do things that scare people they have to clearly cross the line into egregious criminal Behavior to be put behind bars for a long period of time and that simply did not happen apparently he says Ramos was too smart to cross that line that attorney mention how his client is doing what she might be feeling right now he did in fact he said that he called her right after the shooting and she said that she is still terrified even though he’s Behind Bars she has been fearing for her life for about a decade she moved out of a Maryland he doesn’t want to give her name or say where she went but she’s still so frightened even though he is behind bars and you mentioned in your piece that prosecutors revealed at the rear doors of the building were blocked how did that factor into the judge’s decision to hold Ramos without bail and charge him with five counts of first-degree murder his job was to argue that he’s a threat to the community of danger to the community in part of that was to show how methodical in tactical this attack was it wasn’t just a random thing of passionate thing it was really pre-planned ahead of time he wanted to convince the he’s really a dangerous man but I’ll tell you Adriana he’s been charged with five counts of first-degree murder I think the prosecutor could have argued just about anything and the judge would have ruled to keep him behind bars sounds like it was such a scary seeing chip how are the victims colleagues holding up well they are actually struggling with this as you can imagine tremendously you can see the building right through there between does trees is the building where the newspapers offices are and where the shooting happened they are still putting out of paper every day they think that the best thing they can do is just to keep working and persevere through the pain Adriana only defiant chip read thank you so much
CBS News has learned more about the five victims killed by a gunman in The Capital Gazette newsroom on Thursday. Chip Reid joins CBSN from Annapolis, Maryland with the latest details on the case, and the latest from the woman who suspect pled guilty to stalking.

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