Democrats’ new rallying cry: ‘Abolish ICE’

are the top story far-left Christ to abolish ice are now going mainstream in the Democratic party with New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand becoming the first sitting US senator to publicly call 4th elimination While others say it needs change I believe you should get rid of it start over imagine it and build something that actually works I think there’s no question that we got to critically examine ice and its role and the way that it is being administered and the work it is doing and it’s probably think about starting from scratch I think we need to abolish ice that seems really clear but ice is not that we should apologize we should create something better something different what you just saw this comes after nearly 600 people including a democratic congresswoman were arrested during an immigration protest at a senate office building and I’ll go acting ice director Thomas Homan responding to the Friends law enforcement they should be respected these these these men and women run toward danger when everybody everybody else is running away and that’s why I’ve been sick in the last couple months about the attack on Ice officers also American Heroes air traffic under their hip everyday Harvey and vilify by members of Congress in the media flushing ice I don’t know if you really would have liked you so predicted this what 5 years ago to fund the border wall and now they want to abolish it’s political suicide and I cannot believe they’re doing it but sister being honest about how they feel I have to give him that they don’t want the wall they don’t want Zero Tolerance they don’t want us there an open borders party at this point it’s front-and-center I think the second-ranking Democrat in the house Keith Ellison dad said I don’t believe in border so it is what it is this is the Democratic party now and socialist Democrats are now taking action against ice centers across the country Michelle Malkin documented some of it they rushed through the property on the Westside shut it down and actually prevented illegals from getting here in front of the now the illegals have to be the chain for an extra 6 weeks so it’s just backfiring women and children on the border they have been abandoned by The Smuggler and it was about 108 degrees and they rescued another pregnant illegal alien female crossing the Rio Grande save their life and they don’t just do that apprehensions at the border I mean they they go after drug Hitman they go after child Smugglers narcotics traffickers on their ice most wanted list MS-13 members Criminal Alien fugitives wanted for homicide so political I think this is a real cancer in their caucus it’s going to hurt them and it’s going to backfire and it just reaffirms everything Donald Trump has been saying about securing the border and we need Law & Order in this country alright so what do you think about this because immigration situation on Ice to demonize just sort of and sort of a knee-jerk reaction without much thought and deliberation say to abolish it far-left mob that was organized by the extremist radical women’s rights or sorry women’s march yesterday that send it on the Senate Hart building they’re not interested in protecting children what they’re interested in is abolishing ice and and declaring that entering this country illegally is not a crime that is what they want Linda sarsour Yesterday who has ties to Louis Farrakhan by the way Hulu when one woman is not free in this country none of us are free in this country that is about sovereignty and we need to get rid of ice you’re eliminating an extremely important tool that we have in this country to defend our sovereignty but it comes to what I say yes immigration are border that is important the federal government has very few responsibilities immigration enforcement border security is one of those responsibilities they also deal with child exploitation human trafficking terrorism prevention they are not disintegration Outlet even though that is an extremely important part of what they do and moving forward on this issue if Democrats want to decide that this is something they’re going to make mainstream as they have a Senator gillibrand Senator Elizabeth Warren jumping into this this month yesterday then they need to own it because so far they tried to say that this is the far left things about the mainstream of Democratic party it absolutely is and then voters are going to take over so fast it’s not true is Jesse was Acero Democrats just want open borders I think that’s the invitation you’re the reality is that ice is just I think 15 years old was started created course after 9/11 and what you get is this situation where it’s grown Wiley Beyond anybody’s expectation and now not so much involved with what we intended which was stopping International terrorist from entering the country in the light in the aftermath and now they’re involved with things like forcibly separating children from parents these kind of rays that have scared people throughout the country I thought conservatives were the ones who came up with the phrase jack-booted thugs describe government agencies going overboard not respecting individual rights in this country so now you see people standing up and saying hey this isn’t right we just had the man who was the spokesman for ice out in San Francisco 17 years in the government Kimberly military DHS everything he says you know what these people are spreading lies about immigrants they’re asking me to lie for them and I can’t do it that’s an indication of the kind of animals now it’s being generated the problem is that under President Trump what you get is a situation we’re dealing with immigrants has become criminalized it’s all the immigrants are criminals I need to have safety and Humane treatment and make sure that our borders are enforced that’s very different than applying a military answer to a human problem have a criminal records or criminal recidivist that have been on a revolving door in and at least out of the case finally case and nobody is opposed to immigrants we are a nation built on immigrants it just seems that all the sudden this came out of the Shadows problem Tire said the only reason why the Democrats care now is because Trump is President these problems existed and were exacerbated under President Obama you saw it inflict and inflexible illegal immigrants coming in and now to Donald Trump is trying to deal with the problem rather than accuse these agents of being inhumane and ripping children from the mother’s breast and all that stuff focused on ideas and not people because what you’re doing is you always start at step one abolish Step 2 is C step one there is never a solution it’s always a Democratic party it’s a child’s party because it the solution these are children solutions to adult problems they are not practical emotional they do not factor in the consequent in this case that law enforcement is the problem and not the work that they’re trying to do which is to prevent a problem put your money where your mouth is abolish law enforcement in your Prairie City alright if you believe that isn’t issue why don’t you try it matters closest to you and see how it work I believe that anybody who was there and that and that I don’t know mob she felt the consequence of their actions removing barriers in Borat border so that they feel it they would feel differently but they don’t have to that’s the beauty of America’s you can have a stupid idea because everybody else was good ideas is protecting you Behavior that’s what I’m complaining about what you get here Greg is a situation where there been creating and investigations into black sites and two abusive people coming over the Border by this that really has very little accountability very little supervision because they were put in place to deal with the aftermath of 9-11 mysterious people people saying what we’re talking about is what’s being reported Greg you’re not on the border and I’m not on the board as what you’re doing we need people who can in fact deal with Grace is opposed to making everybody into a criminal they’re not country illegally the crime that is I love it
New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand becomes the first sitting U.S. senator to publicly call for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’

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