Democrats hone in on health-care concerns with Kavanaugh

what the hard right the Heritage Foundation would you better the list of the 25 is learned is they could never get America to go along with what they believe they could never get the Congress even when it’s controlled by applicants to go along with what they believe and so that use the one non-elected branch of government article 3 the Judiciary to sneak people onto the court will then decimate Americans Healthcare and we are going to force judge Cavanagh to come clean will he protect pre-existing conditions will he protect Medicaid will he Protec Medicare for not going to let him hide behind this out I’ll respect existing law cuz we’ve been burned too many times by Justice Roberts by Justice Alito by Justice Gorsuch case after case unfortunately and judge Brett Kavanaugh president Trump has found exactly what he was looking for someone who will put extreme right-wing ideology ahead of patients access to their health judge Kavanaugh openly criticized Justice Roberts for saving the Affordable Care Act and he suggested the DC Circuit Court should consider a claim that the law was unconstitutional using an argument his colleagues on the bench labeled misread of precedent such that it will strike down protections for people with pre-existing conditions and he has a case ready to move to the Supreme Court to do just that Texas via the United States is at the district court level today the administration is broken president with the plaintiffs arguing against existing us statute and they are planning to elevate that case to the Supreme Court they will have if Trump gets this nominee Supreme Court ready to rule against families with pre-existing condition
Senate Democrats argued on July 11 that President Trump is trying to “rig a Supreme Court,” to overturn the Affordable Care Act by nominating D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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