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Democrats are fired up over the latest vacancy in the Supreme Court but how can they channel that anger into something productive join me now is Ben wikler he’s the Washington director of then we’ll come back thanks to be thankful it has to be here stop it seems like Democrats can’t see right here at the leadership just looking for a way to keep the party United in Chuck Schumer and and saying going for delay you’ve got back to the space that they feel as if I can’t believe this I take it you like the same do something so there is something Democrats can do and that thing is using the moral force of arguments about what a 1/5 hyper-conservative on the Supreme Court will do the actual human lives will do to women’s reproductive Freedom criminalizing abortion due to our Healthcare System shredding government protections for people with pre-existing conditions will do to freedom to marry who you love those are the things bring it back always to how it’s going to actually affect affect people’s freedom and life or death right now that’s the kind of moral argument that made with the kind of energy why is it that your side of the aisle Progressive Joint Unified ended in the judge issue the way conservative conservative decided about 25 years ago and they built Fortress 2 basically 222 to fight these fights in the in the Judiciary Branch the Progressive Movement historically it’s been sort of like to get going after the war begins problem I think this time is going to be different because this time it’s very clear that V V the game Senate Democrats President Obama what in hindsight what was the mistake fired up Grassroots activists don’t be a radical moderate to wake up in the morning I think that’s democratic I don’t Stephen Breyer with a second choice of Bill Clinton’s I think at the time it was in the same thing when did Democrats it has rained in on the left Democrats view of the courts as an instrument of partisan Warfare as an extension of the conservative movement decided that we’re going to make it a partisan we’re going to fight it as a partisan Warfare there liberals on the court so let’s get conservatives on the court let’s have at it and Democrats are stuck in the idea that no the dishes supposed to be the empire or have been declared weather Democrats like it or not and this is the time that we need to fight that War I think that I think that ship has come and I think you saw that were being declared with what they did to Merrick Garland and you’re going to see it now with a pre-approved three bedded list you know anti-hero conservatives that Trump is promised to to a point from at this point the writing’s on the wall and well there’s some stumbled out of the gate I think we’re going to see a moral argument put forward and I’ll level of activism in this is very different from Court bites in the past so what does that mean is that just an how questions are asked by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee in the confirmation hearing or is this about coathangers Dustin Collins which I notice is now a hashtag on the internet most of all I’m going to be about constituents and Alaska and and Main and Franklin and states with with Democrat than anyone who might be on the fence so you’re going to Target and then you’re going to talk Republican I think do you want somebody who’s ready to carry the president’s water but think about what could happen everywhere they got mad as you know it seems as if Progressive have 25 thing I have right now and is that part of the problem concentrating on one fight rather than 20 in the past it was always like which place we focus now there is plenty of energy to go around and bikes the people who are at that march on Monday will pick up the phone and call both of their senators and demand that they be I’ll get ready to reject an extremist Supreme Court judge what we know is that there’s a list of people who were selected because they’re I didn’t think that the president move on will help get Merrick Garland confirm if he’s president Trump’s nominee happy Friday been look like click on any of the videos to watch the latest interviews and highlights from MTP daily and MSNBC you get more Meet the Press contact every morning in the first week newsletter if you’re tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from you don’t have to have that problem with us nbcnews MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscribe now
Ben Wikler, Washington Director for, joins MTP Daily to discuss what Democrats’ strategy should be in fighting a Trump Supreme Court nomination.
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Democrats Divided Over Strategy To Fight President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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