Deadly shooting at Maryland newspaper office

this is a CBS News special report on Jeff glor reporting from CBS News headquarters in New York and there has been a deadly shooting at a newspaper office in Annapolis Maryland the Capital Gazette We are following it at this hour four people have been killed we are told a suspect is now in custody The Gazette is owned by The Baltimore Sun Media Group police now at the scene of that shooting at The Gazette we’re told her also at the office of the parent newspaper The Baltimore Sun but you’re saying the scene right now just as corresponding Jeff the gauges following developments working his sources from inside our Washington DC Newsroom Jeff what can you tell us about this shooting at the Capital Gazette right now that is information that has been confirmed he was seeing these images people being evacuated from that building that is something that has been ongoing for the last several minutes or so as investigators get on the scene and sort out who is Fred people are now confirmed there are more injuries we just don’t know that right now and in fact investigators both on the local level in the federal level are still getting up to speed here we know that the ATF the FBI is responding along with local police they’re in the Annapolis Area I was told by a source that City officials are moving in or have moved into an Emergency Operations Center as they deal with this folding tragedy Jeff thanks very much we’ve been watching the tweets of an intern actually inside that building at the Capital Gazette and she tweeted or there was a tweet saying help us the Capital Gazette Baltimore Sun Media Group is one of the oldest Publishers in the country publishes the capital also the Maryland Gazette heavy mention owned by The Baltimore Sun Media Group the police are also at the Baltimore Sun at this hour day at this point we’ve got no specific threats of anyone at the Sun but since this shooting appears to have happened inside a newspaper office that’s why they’re being a little cautious about that right now we should remind folks that the shooter we are being told right now by police is in custody but the latest is in Annapolis Maryland we’re told for dead after a shooting at the Capital Gazette which is a newspaper in that area we’re going to keep following this story this afternoon will have much more about this on your local news on the CBS station on our 24 hour streaming you service cbs.n and of course right here tonight on the CBS Evening News as we continue to follow this shooting in Maryland for now on Jeff glor CBS news in New York go to CBS
Four people were killed in a shooting at a newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland. Officials said a suspect was in custody. Jeff Glor anchors a CBS News Special Report in New York with reporting from Jeff Pegues in Washington.

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