Deadly rampage kills 5 at the Capital Gazette

deadly Rampage in American Newsroom much more about the 38 year old gunman charged with five counts of first-degree murder years of violet Rants and court documents revealing what he called his oath to kill that Community morning after the attack on the capital of set in Annapolis and the growing Memorial tonight whose ABC’s Gio Benitez with the latest tonight the chileos revealed in court documents showing a years-long grudge against the Capital Gazette Jared Ramos riding in 2014 that he has that he would like to kill one of the papers writers and he still would that Rider 3 years earlier Penning this article Jared wants to be your friend detailing the chill online encounters between Ramos and a high school classmate that class made according to her attorney leaving the state and fear rainbows played guilty to harassment keep friended her on Facebook and he would use all the information that he gathered from her too hacker he would tell her to do things like hang herself boys at the paper did not want to press charges because it might inflamed the situation and officer involved in the investigation writing that he did not believe that rainbows was a threat now Ramos’s Behind Bars facing five counts of first-degree murder hundreds took to the streets Friday to remember the five people killed in the shooting Thursday some of the papers reporters also there like Rachel Priscilla who was injured in the attack the paper staff resilient releasing this video of them printing the Saturday edition and Tom tonight investigators hope that the suspect will cooperate with them so that they can start piecing together what allegedly turned on find threats into a newsroom Massacre Tom over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4 breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Court papers show alleged gunman’s longtime grudge against the Annapolis, Maryland, paper

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